What is a fish factory doing in Nyeri?

Change of Guard: The Guardians of the colonial interests with no tangible development and improvement in the lives of fellow Kenyans. BBI is not the way, greed galore.

Kenya is a land of gluttons’ serving self-interests. But this is the bane of human beings. However, sometimes, the decisions made in Kenya by government officials in ministries baffles.

For example, what is a fish factory doing in the middle of Central Kenya region?

The region is inhabited by Bantu speaking tribes whose staple meal consists of plant protein, mashed up into some boring and yucky-lump, taken with a lot of soup most times. They are not fish eaters.

The lame 8.4.4 system (Not lamer than CBC) taught us to celebrate things like, ‘Thika Town is the most industrialized town in Kenya’, yet doesn’t answer why Kicomi, Rivatex, sugar factories and Railway workshops had collapsed in the Western Region.

Education as they say is a tool of control.

Right from the onset, we were bombarded with made up heroic stories about Jomo Kenyatta and then the Kikuyus in Mau Mau. Any resistance of British rule by any tribe was suppressed or viewed from the point of Mau Mau. So, as early as 4 years old, we were taught that Kikuyus are different, sometimes lied to that they are superior (economically) and so forth as so on.

As we grew, this was evident in that we, the whole of Kenya in the other regions have to travel to Nairobi, the center of Kenya which was in the past part of Central Kenya Province.

It is at this place that we find all or a lot of things that one needs. Welcome to the big city which is just a few hundred shillings to Kiambu, Thika or Limuru.

Economic marginalisation of other places in Kenya should not be accepted

It is at Nairobi’s industrial area that Nile Perch (Mbuta) is processed to be airlifted from JKIA to Europe.

They do this in total disregard for two able airports, Kisumu International Airport and Eldoret International Airport. The two sit idle waiting to receive sexcapades from MPs and their clandes who spend time in the many ‘resorts’ that adorn this piece of land, the forgotten and marginalized part of Kenya known as Western Circuit.

Why would a fish factory be constructed in Nyeri instead of Homabay, Kisumu or Port Victoria (Busia County)?

It goes back to the explanation of 8.4.4; the lie to people so as to oppress them. Economic marginalization is a construct of the British passed on to the Kikuyus, who have ‘ruled’ the country since independence.


[Forgotten Lot] Resident Highlights Painful Harassment Of Kenyan Fishermen By Uganda Police In Raila’s Backyard

Some will argue that this, the central, is where international flights take off from, but that argument, I have already debunked in my airport’s explanation.

KAA will still receive its share of taxes if a plane takes off from Mombasa, Eldoret, Lodwar or Kisumu, carrying fish to international markets.

This kind of marginalization has been tried to be corrected for over 20 years now. The 2020 constitution and the Building Bridges Initiative looked towards the correction of these, but were/ continue to be hijacked by special interest from Central Kenya and the British who fear losing Nanyuki as they did Karen.

The British moved from Karen to Nanyuki so that they can mingle not with the commoners, the black Africans. But the problem is that Mungiki has since followed them there and Maina Njenga, so called former leader of the Mungiki (no one says who is currently in charge), has sent shivers down their spine. Maina solely controlled how BBI is voted for at the Laikipia County Assembly. There are some other escapades of his on this apartheid land.

So, the Mungikism at Nanyuki and larger Laikipia, has necessitated the ‘discovery’ of an ancient burial site somewhere far away; at Panga ya Saidi near the Kenyan coast. The muzungu is afraid and wants to move once more. Talk of feeding the crocodile in hopes of eating one last.

But I digress.

There was no point in creating fish ponds in Sagana, no point of having a mbuta slaughterhouse at Baba dogo road in Nairobi’s industrial area, no point of building an over Sh50 million fish factory in Nyeri; which failed anyway.

Economic marginalization must end.

All Kenyans need jobs and if you ask well, not many people want to come to Nairobi, so stop your bulshit, you Kikuyu elites.

The government must not treat Remba and Migingo islands as some sort of foreign lands. Lake Victoria fish can feed Kenya well. Plus we have Indian Ocean.

What is a fish factory doing in Nyeri, Central Kenya?

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Karecha Kamaris

Karecha Kamaris is the space between earth and heaven, the gap between ice and fire, the elementary molecule that justifies unending peace in the sea of turmoil. An 'appetite for adventure over the love of ease'.

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