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Where is Susan Wright Now? The Shocking Story of How She Killed Her Husband and Lost Her Children

Susan Wright was a blonde American woman who made headlines in 2003 for stabbing her husband, Jeff Wright, 193 times and burying him in their backyard.

She claimed that she acted in self-defense after years of abuse and drug use by her husband.

But the jury did not believe her and convicted her of murder.

An image of Susan Wright
Susan Wright, Jeff Wright and their children, Kailey and Bradley | PHOTO COURTESY: Daily Mail

What happened to Susan Wright children, Kailey and Bradley, who were only 1 and 4 year old at the time of the murder?

How did they cope with the loss of their father and the imprisonment of their mother?

And where are they now?

Read on to find out the shocking truth behind Susan Wright’s children after she killed their father.

How Did Susan Wright Meet Jeff Wright?

Susan Wright met Jeff Wright in 1997 when they were both working at a restaurant in Galveston, Texas.

Susan was a waitress and Jeff was a carpet salesman.

They hit it off right away and started dating.

Susan and Jeff got married in 1998 when Susan was 8 and a half months pregnant with their first child, a son named Bradley.

A couple of years later, they had a second child, a daughter named Kailey.

The two seemed like a happy couple who had everything going for them.

They bought a home in Houston, Texas, and had four children.

Jeff was a charismatic and popular man who had a passion for football.

He coached at various high schools and colleges and was known for his positive attitude and motivational skills.

Susan was a supportive wife who took care of their children and followed Jeff wherever his coaching career took him.

She was also a fitness enthusiast who enjoyed working out and running marathons.

Susan was described as a loving mother who always put her family first.

How Did Susan Wright Kill Jeff Wright?

Susan Wright killed Jeff Wright on January 13, 2003, in a brutal and bloody way.

She seduced him, tied him to their bed, stabbed him at least 193 times with two different knives, and buried him in the backyard.

Susan then tried to cover up the crime by painting the walls of the bedroom and pouring bleach over his body.

She also went to the police station the next day to report a domestic abuse incident and obtained a restraining order against Jeff to explain his disappearance.

But five days later, she cracked under pressure and confessed to her attorney that she had killed her husband and buried him in the backyard.

Susan turned herself in at the courthouse and was charged with murder.

She pleaded not guilty by reason of self-defense, claiming that her husband had abused her and used drugs for years.

Susan said that on the night of the murder, he was on a cocaine binge and had beaten her.

She said that she stabbed him to protect herself and her children.

How Did Susan Wright’s Children React to Their Father’s Murder?

Susan Wright’s children, Kailey and Bradley, were too young to understand what had happened to their father.

They were only 1 and 4 years old when he was killed.

The two were not at home at the time of the murder, but they saw their mother covered in blood when she picked them up from their grandparents’ house.

They were also interviewed by Child Protective Services shortly after the murder.

In a video recorded in 2003, Bradley was shown playing with toys and talking about his father.

He said that his father was “in heaven” and that he missed him.

He also said that his mother had “boo-boos” on her face and that she cried a lot.

Kailey was too young to talk, but she was seen smiling and crawling around.

The video showed that both children were healthy and happy despite their tragic situation.

Susan Wright Children: Where are they now?

Susan Wright’s children are now adults who have moved on with their lives.

Kailey is now 20 years old and Bradley is 23 years old.

They have not spoken publicly about their father’s murder or their mother’s imprisonment.

Kailey and Bradley have also changed their last name from Wright to Wyche, which is their mother’s maiden name.

They have reportedly cut off contact with their father’s family and have no relationship with them.

They have also maintained contact with their mother, who is serving a 20-year sentence for murder.

She was originally sentenced to 25 years in prison, but her sentence was reduced by five years after a retrial in 2010.

Susan Wright was approved for parole on July 2, 2020.

She was granted parole in July 2020 and released from prison on December 30, 2020.


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