Whitney Mathers: Uncovering Eminem’s Adopted Daughter

Who is Whitney Mathers? This article focuses on how rapper Eminem integrates personal information, such as his daughter Hailie and his other two daughters, into his music.

In 2005, Eminem legally adopted one of his daughters, Whitney Mathers, after making amends with his ex-wife, Kimberly Scott Mathers.

Recently, Whitney has been in the news, prompting the article to delve into her life.

Whitney Mathers

Who is Whitney Mathers?

Whitney Scott Mathers is the biological daughter of Kimberly, Eminem’s ex-wife, and Eric Hatter.

In 2005, when Kimberly reconciled with Eminem, he adopted Whitney. However, the reconciliation did not last, and Eminem gained custody of Whitney.


Whitney Scott Mathers is a daughter of the popular American rapper, Eminem.

Her biological mother is Kimberly, who had Whitney with another man.

However, Whitney was later adopted by Eminem. In his music, Eminem often mentions his daughters, which has sparked curiosity about his relationship with Whitney.

Despite his public persona as an arrogant artist, Eminem is known for having a soft side when it comes to his private life.

He is usually quiet about his personal life but expresses his love for his daughters from time to time.

Eminem married Kimberly in 1999, and they had a daughter named Hailie. After their divorce in 2001, Kimberly had a brief relationship with a tattoo artist named Eric Hatter, resulting in the birth of Whitney in 2002.

Eminem legally adopted Whitney, and she now lives with him along with her two sisters, Hailie and Alaina.

Quick Facts

Also Known AsWhitney Mathers
Age21 Years
FatherEminem [Marshall Mathers]
MotherKimberly Anne Scott
SiblingsAlaina Marie Mathers, Hailie Jade
Born CountryUnited States

Personal Life

Whitney Mathers was born on April 16, 2002, to Kimberly Anne Scott, Eminem’s ex-wife, and Eric Hartter.

She has two older sisters, Hailie Jade and Alaina Marie Mathers.

Currently in high school, Whitney excels academically. Her admiration for her sister Hailie is evident as she looks up to her more than Alaina.

Whitney Mather’s Family Background

Eminem, known for his troubled personal life and drug abuse, tied the knot with Kimberly Anne Scott in 1999 after falling in love with her in the mid-90s.

However, their personal issues persisted even after the birth of their daughter Hailie in 1995.

Kim cheated on Eminem with multiple men, leading to physical violence and police involvement resulting in their divorce in 2001.

Eminem even wrote songs about Kim, which didn’t go down well with her.

Following their split, Kim had a short relationship with Eric Hatter and gave birth to Whitney in April 2002.

However, Whitney has yet to meet her biological father who has been on the run for years.

Whitney Mathers

Despite Whitney being Kim’s lovechild, Eminem legally adopted her as her mother struggled with drug addiction.

Although Eminem and Kim remarried in 2006, it ended badly.

In interviews, Kim acknowledged Eminem’s excellent parenting of all three of his daughters, including Whitney.

Eminem frequently mentions his daughters in his music and works less to spend more quality time with them.

He doesn’t want them to experience the same childhood struggles he did.

Unfortunately, Whitney’s biological father, Eric Hartter, died of a drug overdose in an abandoned house in Detroit, Michigan, in August 2019.

What happened to Whitney Mathers?


Eminem’s daughter, Whitney Mathers, has changed her name to Stevie after coming out as non-binary.

Stevie made the announcement on TikTok.

It is unclear whether Stevie underwent a gender change along with the name change.

Eminem Rapped About Whitney Mathers And Siblings in One Song

In his 2010 song “Going Through Changes,” Eminem rapped about his three children.

The legendary rapper specifically mentions his daughters Hailie, Whitney, and Alaina in the track.

He expresses his love for their mother and admits that they were unable to make their relationship work.

Despite this, he still thinks about her every day and remains dedicated to his children.


The article covers Eminem’s relationship with his daughter Whitney Scott Mathers, whom he legally adopted after reconciling with his ex-wife Kimberly in 2005.

Whitney is Eminem’s youngest daughter and has two older sisters, Hailie and Alaina.

Despite his public persona, Eminem is known for being a dedicated father who loves his daughters.

Whitney excels academically and recently changed her name to Stevie after coming out as non-binary.

In his song “Going Through Changes,” Eminem raps about his love for his children, including Hailie, Whitney, and Alaina.


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