Who is Akothee?: How old is Akothee? Real Name, Tribe, Relationship, Children, and Net Worth

A Multifaceted Force - Renowned Musician, Shrewd Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist Extraordinaire.
A Multifaceted Force: Renowned Musician, Shrewd Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist Extraordinaire | photo courtesy | Facebook


Esther Akoth, renowned as Akothee, is a multifaceted and accomplished artist hailing from Kenya.

Beyond her prowess as a singer and songwriter, she has made her mark as an entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Akothee stands as the visionary behind Akothee Safaris, a tour company situated in Kenya.

Moreover, she is the driving force behind the Akothee Foundation, a charitable organization, and oversees Aknotela and Akothee Homes, ventures in the real estate sector.

Recognized as one of the leading and most affluent female artists in East Africa, Akothee boasts a remarkable portfolio of hit songs and collaborations with fellow African musicians.

This article delves into Akothee’s life journey, tracing her humble origins to her present-day accomplishments.

How old is Akothee?

Akothee was born on April 8, 1983, in Kisumu County, Kenya.

She is currently 40 years old, as of 2024. 

Akothee is their real name

Akothee is a stage name that she adopted when she started her music career in 2008.

Her real name is Esther Akoth Kokeyo. 


Akothee tribe

She belongs to the Luo tribe of Kenya. 

Akothee relationship history

Akothee’s romantic history has been marked by turbulence, with multiple marriages and divorces.

Her initial marriage, entered into at the age of 14, resulted in the birth of her first three children.

Despite a period of reconciliation after her first husband completed his education and secured employment in Nairobi, the relationship eventually ended when he left her for another woman upon achieving financial success.

Following this, Akothee relocated to Mombasa, where she engaged in a taxi business alongside her brother.

During this time, she formed a connection with a foreigner who whisked her away to Zurich, Switzerland.

Despite becoming pregnant with his child, she discovered that he desired only a child, not a committed marriage.

Returning to Kenya, she then embarked on her music career.

Akothee went on to have two more children with different foreign partners, both relationships ending in separation.

In 2023, she entered into a lavish marriage with Denis Schweizer, a Swiss national.

Regrettably, the union proved short-lived, and they separated after a mere two months, citing irreconcilable differences.

Akothee children

Akothee Childreen
Akothee children | photo courtesy | Instagram 


Akoth is a proud mother of five children: three daughters and two sons.

Her daughters are:

  1. Vesha Shalian Okello
  2. Celly Rue Brown
  3. Prudence Otieno.

Her sons are:

  1. Ojwang Akoth
  2. Oyoo Akoth.

Akoth’s kids have different fathers from diverse backgrounds.

Akothee loves children and is open to having more.

Her children are carving their own paths.

  1. Vesha directs Akothee Safaris
  2. Celly is a model and Nivea Face of East Africa Competition winner
  3. Prudence is a student at Strathmore University and Ojwang and Oyoo are still in school.

Akothee Investment and Net Worth

Akoth isn’t just a talented musician; she’s also a shrewd entrepreneur.

She’s invested in diverse ventures, including Akothee Safaris, a tour and travel company offering luxury and adventure packages to both local and international tourists.

Additionally, she owns Aknotela and  Akoth Homes, real estate companies specializing in property development, management, and sales.

Beyond her business ventures, Akoth is deeply involved in philanthropy through the Akothee Foundation.

The charity focuses on empowering women and children, particularly in rural areas, by supporting causes like education, health, water, sanitation, and food security.

Akoth’s estimated net worth is around $10 million, ranking her among the wealthiest female musicians in Africa.

She embraces a lavish lifestyle, owning multiple high-end cars, houses, and properties in Kenya and abroad.

Her frequent travels and quality time spent with family and friends add to her vibrant lifestyle.

Table of Facts about Akothee

Full NameEsther Akoth (Akothee)
ProfessionMusician, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist
Business VenturesAkoth Safaris is a tour and travel company offering luxury and adventure packages. Aknotela and Akoth Homes are real estate companies specializing in property development, management, and sales.
PhilanthropyAkoth Foundation: A charity organization dedicated to empowering women and children, especially in rural areas. Supports causes such as education, health, water, sanitation, and food security.
Net WorthShe is estimated at approximately $10 million, making her one of the richest female musicians in Africa.
LifestyleEnjoys a lavish lifestyle, owning expensive cars, houses, and properties in Kenya and abroad. Frequent traveler who values spending quality time with family and friends.
FamilyMother of several children from different fathers and diverse backgrounds. Children actively pursue their careers and passions.
Relationship HistoryI have experienced multiple marriages and divorces, with notable relationships leading to various life experiences.
Career HighlightsA successful career as a musician with a string of hit songs and collaborations.
Business AcumenDemonstrates entrepreneurial skills through successful ventures in the music industry, tours and travel, and real estate.
Philosophy on ChildrenExpresses deep love for children and remains open to having more.

Frequently Asked Questions about Akothee

How did Akothee start her music career?

Akoth began her music career after a challenging period in her personal life.

She turned to music as a form of expression and released her first single, marking the start of a successful journey in the industry.

What inspired Akothee to venture into entrepreneurship?

Akoth’s entrepreneurial spirit was fueled by a desire for financial independence.

She invested in businesses like Akoth Safaris and real estate, showcasing her diverse skills beyond music.

What is the focus of the Akothee Foundation?

The Akothee Foundation aims to empower women and children, particularly in rural areas.

It supports various causes, including education, health, water, sanitation, and food security, contributing to positive societal impact.

How many children does Akothee have, and what are they doing?

Akoth has several children with different fathers. Her children are actively pursuing diverse paths—Vesha directs Akothee Safaris, Celly is a model, Prudence is a student, and Ojwang and Oyoo are still in school.

What is Akothee’s net worth and how does she maintain her lifestyle?

Akoth’s estimated net worth is around $10 million.

She maintains a lavish lifestyle through successful music ventures, business investments, and ownership of valuable assets such as cars, houses, and properties both in Kenya and abroad.

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