Who is Colonel Mustafa? Early Life, Career, Personal life and Net worth

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Colonel Mustafa is a former Kenyan rapper and musician who rose to fame in the early 2000s as part of the hip-hop group Deux Vultures. He was known for his hit songs like “Lenga Stress,” “Katika,” and “Monalisa.”

However, his career took a downward turn when he was exposed working at a construction site in 2023.

This article will explore Colonel Mustafa’s life story, from his humble beginnings in Tanzania to his rise and fall as a music star.

Colonel Mustafa’s Early life and education

Born in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, to parents of Kenyan and Tanzanian heritage, Colonel Mustafa grew up in a culturally diverse environment that nurtured open-mindedness.

Fascinated by music from a young age, he delved into various artists and genres with friends, cultivating his innate creative talents.

Discovering rap as a means of self-expression, Mustafa’s family relocation to Kenya during his teenage years exposed him to the vibrant underground hip-hop scene.

Amidst his raw talent, he refined his lyrical skills and found a supportive community.

Today, rooted in two proud nations, Colonel Mustafa utilizes his platform to advocate for unity.

Through beats and rhymes, he celebrates the cultural diversity inherent in our shared humanity.

Regardless of the terrain, Mustafa’s unwavering passion for music and fostering connections serves as a positive and constant influence.

His narrative inspires us to seek common ground amid perceived differences.


Colonel Mustafa’s Music career

Mustafa initiated his music journey in the boy group Deux Vultures alongside childhood friend Nasty Thomas, gaining popularity in Kenya with hit songs like “Katika” and “Monalisa.”

In 2003, he became part of Ogopa Deejays, a prestigious music production and record label, fostering his artistic development.

Collaborating with diverse talents under Ogopa Deejays, Mustafa continued to produce chart-topping tracks, including “Mtaani Dot Com,” “Hey Baby,” and “Kupe.”

Colonel Mustafa’s Family and relationships

Mustafa has not revealed much information about his immediate family or personal life.

However, he has mentioned that he has parents named Mr. Germa Mustafa and Fatma in interviews.

He also revealed that his mother is battling cancer and needs expensive chemotherapy treatments.

Colonel Mustafa has been through several relationships with different women over the years.

Some of the most publicly known are Marya and Noti Flow.

Colonel Mustafa with former partners Noti Flow (left) and Marya (right) in happier times. The renowned musician kept his personal affairs private over the years
Colonel Mustafa with former partners Noti Flow and Marya. The renowned musician kept his personal affairs private over the years


What happened to Colonel Mustafa?

In 2023, Colonel Mustafa’s life took a dramatic turn when he was caught working at a construction site by some netizens who recognized him from his previous videos on social media.

The video went viral on various platforms and sparked mixed reactions among Kenyans.

Some people expressed concern for his well-being and offered him support, while others criticized him for wasting his talent and money on drugs or gambling.

Colonel Mustafa later explained that he had lost everything due to bad spending habits, despite earning close to KSh 900k monthly from music royalties.

He said that he had debts from loans taken from friends or relatives who could not repay them due to economic challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

He also said that he had tried to pursue other ventures like acting or farming, but none of them worked out for him.

Colonel Mustafa’s net worth

Mustafa’s net worth is estimated to be around KSh 10 million as of 2023.

However, this figure may not reflect his current financial situation, as he may have lost some of it due to debts or legal issues.



Mustafa was once one of Kenya’s finest rappers and achieved success with Deux Vultures under the Ogopa Deejays label.

However, he experienced a downfall when he was exposed to working at a construction site in 2023 after losing everything due to bad spending habits despite earning close to KSh 900k monthly from music royalties.

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