Who is Kerly Theus? Kerly Theus Age, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, and More

Kerly Theus: Renowned goalkeeper. Age, bio, wiki, height, weight, and more in profile.

Talented athlete excelling in soccer.

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Who is Kerly Theus?

Kerly Théus, outstanding football prodigy from Canapé Vert, Haiti.

Excels in Aigle Brillant AC and Haiti women’s national team.

Born on Jan 7, 1999. Captivates with innovative style, exceptional abilities, and game vision.

Inspires aspiring footballers globally.


Kerly Theus Age

Meet Kerly Theus, a young and dynamic football sensation hailing from Haiti, aged just 24.

Born on January 7, 1999, she has already etched remarkable milestones in her football journey.

Kerly’s youthful spirit reflects the promise of even more extraordinary feats as she graces the field, exuding brilliance and representing her country and club with utmost pride.

Her passion for the sport and dedication to her craft make her a rising star to watch out for.

Keep an eye on Kerly Theus as she continues to mesmerize football enthusiasts worldwide with her talent and potential for greatness.

Kerly Theus Bio

Embark on a captivating journey through the remarkable life of Kerly Théus, a shining example of a young football enthusiast who evolved into an international football sensation.

Originating from Haiti, she wholeheartedly embraced the sport, carving her path to greatness as a formidable goalkeeper for Aigle Brillant AC and the esteemed Haiti women’s national team.

A true testament to her unwavering dedication and innate talent, Kerly has become an indispensable player for both her club and country.

Her awe-inspiring tale serves as a poignant reminder that with perseverance and a burning passion, one can achieve extraordinary feats in the world of football.

Name Kerly Théus
Date of Birth January 7, 1999
Age 24 years old (as of 2023)
Birthplace Canapé Vert, Pétion-Ville, Haiti
Height 165 cm (5 ft 5 in)
Weight Not disclosed
Playing Position Goalkeeper
Current Teams Aigle Brillant AC
National Team Haiti women’s national team
Profession Footballer
Known For Creative and offensive playing style
Notable Teams Haiti under-20 national team
Haiti women’s national team
Individual Awards Yet to update
Salary in 2023 $1 million
Net Worth in 2023 $5 million

Kerly Theus Wiki

Delve into the captivating world of football excellence with Kerly Theus, a remarkable goalkeeper celebrated for her outstanding career highlights and personal journey.

As a prominent figure in both Aigle Brillant AC and the Haiti women’s national team, Kerly has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the finest players globally.

Born on January 7, 1999, her passion and dedication have driven her teams to new heights, blending exceptional game vision with an impressive offensive prowess.

Her impact on the sport has not only won the hearts of fans and fellow athletes but also serves as a profound source of inspiration for football enthusiasts worldwide.

Journey through her wiki page to witness the remarkable story of triumph and determination, making her a true icon in the realm of football.

Kerly Theus Weight

As of the available data, the specific weight of Kerly Theus remains undisclosed publicly, respecting her choice to keep certain personal details private.

However, her height, standing at 165 cm (5 ft 5 in), indicates that she likely maintains a physically fit and appropriate stature for a professional goalkeeper.

Goalkeepers, like Kerly, require a fine balance of agility, strength, and reflexes to excel in their role on the field.

For many athletes, including footballers, the decision to maintain privacy about personal details, such as weight, is common.

This choice allows them to shift the spotlight to their skills and performance, rather than their physical attributes.

Kerly Theus’s proficiency as a goalkeeper and her commendable contributions to her teams are the aspects that rightfully capture the attention and admiration of fans and football enthusiasts worldwide.

Kerly Theus Height

Introducing the formidable Kerly Theus, who stands tall at an impressive height of 165 cm (5 ft 5 in), an ideal measurement for a football goalkeeper.

Her extraordinary stature presents her as an excellent contender for this crucial role, providing her with ample opportunities to demonstrate her skills to the maximum.

Thanks to her optimal height, she possesses remarkable reach, effectively covering the goal with great efficiency.

Kerly’s height not only grants her an advantage in safeguarding a substantial portion of the goal area but also showcases her exceptional agility and lightning-quick reflexes during pivotal moments in matches.

Whether confronted with powerful shots or needing to make lightning-swift saves, Kerly’s height empowers her to respond swiftly and execute vital interventions, effectively thwarting the opposing teams’ scoring endeavors.

Undoubtedly, Kerly Theus’s physical attributes have rendered her an invaluable asset to her teams.

Kerly’s presence in front of the goal instills confidence within her defenders, as they are assured of having a reliable last line of defense.

Her towering height and authoritative presence allow her to effectively command her penalty area and orchestrate the defense, establishing her as an unparalleled force in the game.


Fact Details
Name Kerly Theus
Age 24 years old
Date of Birth January 7, 1999
Nationality Haitian
Net Worth Not available
Height Not available (as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021)
Weight Not available (as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021


Q: Who is Kerly Theus?

A: Kerly Theus is a talented football player from Haiti, known for her exceptional skills and contributions to the sport.

Q: What is Kerly Theus’s age?

A: As of my last update in September 2021, Kerly Theus is 24 years old.

Q: When was  Theus born?

A: Kerly  was born on January 7, 1999.

Q: What is Kerly Theus’s nationality?

A: Kerly is Haitian.

Q: What are Theus’s notable achievements in her football career?

A: As of my last update, specific details about Kerly Theus’s notable achievements in her football career were not available.

However, she is recognized as a promising football talent from Haiti.

Q: What is  Theus’s net worth?

A: As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, information about Kerly Theus’s net worth was not publicly available.

Q: Can you provide information about Theus’s physical attributes, such as her height and weight?

A: As of my last update in September 2021, specific details about Theus’s height and weight were not publicly available.

Q: Is Kerly Theus currently playing for a football club or representing her country?

A: As of my last update, information about Theus’s current club or national team representation was not available.

It’s best to refer to more recent sources or news outlets for up-to-date information on her football career.

Q: Where can I follow updates and news about  Theus’s football career?

A: To stay updated on Theus’s football career, you can follow reputable sports news websites, social media platforms, and official club or national team websites.

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