The Untold Truth about Nathan Chen: Who is Nathan Chen?

Have you ever heard about Nathan Chen? Do not worry; I have good news for you.

I am here to tell you all that you need to know about him.

Here is where he is: Chen will finish his studies at Yale in the spring of 2024 and plans to join a pre-med program in June of the same year to get ready for medical school.

An image of Nathan Chen
Image of Nathan Chen: Instagram

Nathan Chen’s wife

Nathan Chen is presently unattached, having previously been involved in a romantic relationship with American figure skater Amber Glenn.

Despite being single at the moment, his past connection with Glenn adds an interesting dimension to his personal life.

As a highly accomplished figure skater himself, Nathan’s experiences both on and off the ice contribute to the multifaceted story of his journey in the world of figure skating and relationships.

An infographic of Nathan Chen
An infographic of Nathan Chen

Did Nathan Chen retire?

After finishing his second year in college, Chen took some time off to get ready for the 2022 Winter Olympics. 

Later in 2022, he returned to school to finish his statistics and data science degree. 

This means he returned to complete the rest of his classes and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in those subjects.

Nathan Chen’s net worth

According to Forbes, he has an estimated net worth of $4 million.

The amazing figure skater is becoming a legend lately.

His successes on the ice are bringing in a total of $4 million.

Most of his money comes from sponsorships and endorsements.

If he wins a gold medal, he’ll get $37,500.

He has contracts with over 11 big companies, such as Bridgestone, Comcast, Nike, Toyota, Visa, GrubHub, and AirWeave.

He is also involved in NFT with the game developer.

What is Nathan Chen studying at Yale?

He is currently taking statistics and data science.

When questioned about his studies, he replied, “I still have a year and a half,” which I’m preparing for. 

Chen commented on the creative process and potential return for the 2026 Olympics, saying, “I mean, it’s too early to say.”

Nathan Chen family

Nathan Chen, the accomplished Olympic figure skater, has not only captivated audiences with his flawless performances but also has a remarkable family background.

As the youngest of five siblings, he has older brothers Colin and Tony, as well as sisters Alice and Janice.

Alice, proud of her “baby brother,” commends his strength and growth. Janice, a UC Berkeley graduate and co-founder of Mammoth Biosciences, showcases her intelligence outside the skating world.

Nathan’s brothers, Tony and Colin, provide quiet support.

Parents Zhidong Chen and Hetty Wang, leading the Chen family, played a crucial role in Nathan’s Olympic journey, emphasizing perseverance and cultural pride

Nathan, acknowledging the cultural differences between Americans and Chinese, believes that the fusion of both influences has contributed to his success.
Inspired by his parents’ wisdom, Nathan’s remarkable achievements in figure skating reflect a family united in pride and support.

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