Why Katoo Ole Metito’s Greed is a Destabilizing Poison for Kajiado

In the tranquil and picturesque landscapes of Kajiado County, a disquieting undercurrent of turmoil has emerged, fueled by the avarice of one man – Katoo Ole Metito.

As the county once thrived in unity and development, Katoo Ole Metito’s insatiable greed has cast a shadow of instability and division.

In this article, we delve into the troubling dynamics of how Katoo’s unchecked ambition and dubious dealings have become a destabilizing poison, threatening the very essence of Kajiado’s progress and unity.

About Kajiado County

Kajiado County is a county in the former Rift Valley Province of Kenya. It is bordered by Nairobi to the north, Machakos and Makueni to the east, Narok to the south, and Tanzania to the southwest. The county capital is Kajiado town, but the largest town is Ongata Rongai.

Kajiado County is a semi-arid region with a diverse landscape, including mountains, valleys, forests, and grasslands.

Kajiado County is a major agricultural producer, with livestock farming being the main economic activity. Other important sectors include tourism, mining, and manufacturing.

The county has a population of over 1.1 million people, and is one of the fastest-growing counties in Kenya. The majority of the population are Maasai, but there is also a significant number of other ethnic groups, including Kikuyu, Kalenjin, and Kamba.

Kajiado County is a vibrant and diverse place with a lot to offer visitors. Whether you are interested in wildlife, culture, or adventure, Kajiado County has something for you.

Here are some of the things that Kajiado County is known for:

  • Wildlife: Kajiado County is home to a variety of wildlife, including lions, elephants, rhinos, giraffes, and zebras. Some of the best places to see wildlife in Kajiado County include Amboseli National Park, Maasai Mara National Reserve, and Tsavo East National Park.
  • Maasai culture: The Maasai are one of the most iconic ethnic groups in Kenya, and Kajiado County is their traditional home. Visitors can learn about Maasai culture and traditions by visiting Maasai villages and cultural centers.
  • Adventure tourism: Kajiado County is a great place for adventure tourism, with activities such as mountain biking, hiking, camping, and rock climbing. There are also a number of tour operators that offer safaris and other outdoor activities.

Now that you have learned about Kajiado County and this very important county is being threatened by the political greed of former Member of Parliament for Kajiado South.

Here is how the political greed of Katoo ole Mitito is a destabilizing poison for Governor Joseph ole Lenku-led Kajiado County.

Katoo destabilizes Kajiado

State House Comptroller Katoo Ole Metito, who was floored in 2022 elections by the governor of Kajiado County is HE Joseph Ole Lenku who was elected in 2017 and re-elected in 2022, is now misusing his State office for Personal and rethreading his worn-out political threads.

In the recent past, Kajiado has been on the upward trend on development until when Katoo started destabilizing the county after his appointment.

Information from our reliable sources is that, of late Katoo is seen Crisscrossing the county over the weekends and even on weekdays to attend functions, which gives him the platform to incite clans against the current Governor HE Lenku.

This editor has been reliably informed that when he goes to those functions, he camouflages himself as someone sent by President William Ruto, yet his agenda is to divide the maa community. Governor Lenku is working with the President who has assured him that he wants unity among the maa community.

The very important question which needs to be checked thouroughly is, where does he get his resources?

Political Greed

According to State House sources, Katoo nowadays has developed an appetite to sneak business people into his office at the State house then he demands 10% of non-existent contracts.

It is unfortunate that the helpless and serious contractors, when they get there, then part with the cash. This, according to sources, is how he has developed deep pockets to be able to go round-funning demos within the county.

Come to think of it, Lenku is an outgoing Governor on his second term, why fight him in the name of fighting corruption?

In the video below you can hear how he using state resources to fight the same Government he is in.


He also uses the Woman Representative Hon Leah Sankaire Sopiato as a gun for hire to distribute money and disrupt Kajiado County.

The Head of Public service should crack the whip on Katoo and concentrate on the duty he was given by Ruto.

The Maa community is now celebrating Amboseli Park being reverted back to county which was a promise made during UDA campaigns, and it has been seen that Lenku is the one spearheading that unity, thus making Katoo and his allies very uncomfortable.

We are cooking an expose where a well-known contractor now is desperately looking for Katoo since the contract that was promised after kickbacks is nowhere to be seen. A classic case of bribe for pure hot hair.

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