Why Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich has Deactivated His Twitter Account .


Photo Caption : National Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich . National Treasury has been engaged in an elaborate scheme of deception intended to mislead the Kenya taxpayers .

Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich is a man under siege. Always saying a different thing everyday, Rotich has confirmed that Uhuru and Ruto made a drunkard Treasury a  CS .

Kenyans are still asking the tough questions and instead of answering the simple Question, Henry Rotich has finally deactivated his Twitter   Handle ( @H_Rotich ) . The heat and onslaught from the popular KOT was too much .

Interestingly , Hery Rotich had not used twitter since Sep 2015 when debate ignited.

While other Cabinet Secretaries and government officials are joining Twitter for effective communication, People like Rotich who hold positions that directly impact on Poor Kenyans are deactivating their Accounts .

Deactivating his Twitter Account wont stop Kenyans from asking the tough Questions . And by the way deactivating Twitter is not the solution- It shows Rotich is guilty and cant face the truth and tough questions emanating from the hawk eyed KOT .

An amount of 999 M US dollars has to date not been deposited into the Consolidated Fund as required by Law. That is the truth and we want Rotich to activate his Twitter Account and respond to these questions . He can also tweet evidence and documentation Kenyans have been asking for .

So why did Rotich deactivate his Twitter Account ?

1.) He cannot respond to Kenyans questions . The Eurobond issue is now beyond spin

2.) Why would he waste his time on Twitter instead of being on holiday enjoying the Eurobond Heist ?

3) He will deactivate it till Kenyans on Twitter stop asking tough questions . Do you really think Kenyans on Twitter will ever go mute ?

4) When you search the terms ” Corruption ” ” Eurobond Heist ” and ” Eurobond scandal ” His Twitter Account pops up as ” Related Search ”  , He was not  happy about that and had to deactivate his Twitter Account .

5) He was just being used . He is a proxy and doesnt know  why Kenyans are on his case .

6 ) Escape from reality . You know KOT have been reminding him of his contradictory statements . They even tagged him screenshots !!! Hurray !!!!

7) He has  never been digital . Remember when he said a clerical error led to a mixup of letters? Probably why he Deactivated his Twitter Account .

8) He is evading the international media and international community . You know when they hear about the Eurobond scandal, they search for his name on Twitter …. The shame was too much

9) They feared somebody may hack the Account and Tweet the Truth

10 ) He needs more time to forge letters and documents to convince Kenyans with

Sign the Eurobond petition here 


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Cyprian, Is Nyakundi

Cyprian is a blogger who has an interest in politics, news, current affairs, people and anything that is of interest to society. My aim is to inform and update readers with the most accurate information.







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