Corrupt NHIF Board Still In Office After Geofrey Mwangi’s Sacking

Nicodemus Odongo, Acting NHIF CEO.

Geofrey Mwangi, the former CEO of National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) was sent on compulsory leave in November 2018. Nicodemus Odongo took over in acting capacity.

This essentially meant that the corrupt board had won and the looting will continue unabated, only this time the highest beneficiary would change.

Sources intimate that Geofrey Mwangi was a DP WIlliam Ruto man and that the Kikuyu mafia loathed him for this.

The chairperson of NHIF Hannah Muriithi is the most corrupt person, she orchestrated the move to bring Mr. Odongo in an acting capacity from the other bedridden (heavily looted) state parastatal National Social Security Fund (NSSF) so that he can do the bidding for the Kikuyu mafia.

There was a time that Mwangi complained that Odongo was sabotaging him, the allegations turned out to be true because Mr Odongo knew the ‘orders were from above’.

The board should be disbanded and the chairperson arrested as early as yesterday. It is now two months since the President Uhuru Kenyatta said that no one will be spared and that his phones are off and will not answer any calls from people who are calling to cry that DCI Kinoti has nabbed them.

Sack, Arrest and Charge Hannah Muriithi for looting NHIF

The former CEO Mr. Mwangi was one saved from arrest and prosecution after a call was made from state house. He was being wanted for the fraudulent procurement practices where NHIF gave tender to the two most expensive bidders for a medical scheme for civil servants, police and prison officers. Mwangi made Ksh40 million in kickbacks.

The tender for the medical scheme was awarded to Britam Life Assurance Company (K) Ltd and Pioneer Assurance Company Ltd.

Britam Life Assurance Company (K) Ltd and Pioneer Assurance Company Ltd were awarded the tender, despite quoting high prices.

Britam quoted Sh836,946,330 while Pioneer put its price at Sh852,284,830.

The board had ruled that the award was irregular and ordered that NHIF contracts UAP Life Assurance Limited at its tender sum of Sh797,623,500.

This Mwangi crook disregarded the order of the Public Procurement Administrative Review Board. But he had the blessings of the entire boaord of NHIF, why would Mwangi be fired and the board left to continue looting?

Now that there are no calls that are being accepted at State house as President Uhuru Kenyatta promised in August, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) should ask come together with The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) and open investigations on the NHIF looters in the name of the board.

Former National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) chief executive officer Geoffrey Mwangi on November 2, 2017

Other NHIF scandals

Former CEO Mwangi is said to have looted over Ksh6 billion, a loot he shared with board members at NHIF.

Most of the loot sources say, are stashed in offshore accounts with fears that all the accountability institutions including EACC and DCI have been pocketed by the board led by Hannah Muriithi, a sly operative who knows how to escape responsibility for her crimes.

Why hasn’t the EACC updated Kenyans on the progress of investigations on the Ksh. 400 Million scandals which remains unsolved.

NHIF, has been a cash-cow for a few individuals and the bosses at the helm have made it their habit to dance on poor Kenyans graves, as corruption becomes cancer in this country.

The NHIF board seems untouchable because of the protection of Ms. Hannah ejoys for being a mount Kenya person. They have also used looted funds to buy several plots of land.

The funds that are diverted to offshore accounts by Hannah and her gang should be recovered ASAP.

The asset recovery agency must move with speed and confiscate all these assets bought with poor Kenyans taxes, and demand an investigation on all real-estate firms and banks laundering money from state corporations and the private sector.

According to our sources, top NHIF bosses have formed shell companies that they are using to award themselves tenders and loot it to the ground despite president Uhuru Kenyatta, the state-house joker claiming that universal health-care is one of his big four agenda.

Hidden scandal

Though Ms. Hannah Muriithi was appointed to the chairperson of the board at NHIF on April 2018. There is a scandal about the car park that has refused to go away.

Who is protecting the looters?

The EACC which has been pocketed by the NHIF board is on the spot for failing to initiate investigations on how the cost of building a car park by the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF)rose from Sh909 million to Sh3.4 billion.

Outgoing Auditor General Edward Ouko in his report tabled in Parliament said that the anti-graft commission has not acted on the report of the Public Investments Committee.

The committee chaired by Mvita MP Abdulswamad Nassir had recommended that EACC should institute and fast-track investigation on the project and prefer charges against all those who would be found culpable.

In the audit report, NHIF failled to explain how the cost of the multi-storey car park in Nairobi went up.

According to the report for the year ending June 30, 2018, the construction commenced in May 2002 and was scheduled to end in August 2003.

However the contract sum was later revised upwards to Sh1.2 billion above the original contract sum.

The report indicate that although the project was completed in July 2008, a further Sh626.6 million and Sh4.7 million was incurred in the financial years 2009/10 and 2010/11 respectively on the project.

“The escalation of cost of the car park by 337 percent over and above the original cost has not been justified,” reads the report. Mr Nassir said that the committee would soon recall NHIF directors over other matters and the issue will be discussed again.

Arrests in 2018: The board survived

Former CEO Mr. Mwangi and his head of Finance Wilbert Kurgat were arrested in November 2018 by officers from the DCI and later sent on compulsory leave.

Nicodemus who was fronted by corrupt Hannah Muriithi took over to become a puppet of the board which survived Mwangi’s sacking.

Why would a board stay on when the CEO was corrupt?

Wasn’t the board privy to the many decisions that the CEO made and thus should take equal responsibility for failing to raise alarm when taxpayers were losing money?

The reason they didn’t raise the alarm is because they were looting together. Then, why should they stay on when the CEO was fired?

The Big 4 Agenda is a sham, a big faux that will not be achieved because NHIF is a den of thieves who have looted everything and the board is everyday looking for new ways to scam Kenyans.

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