Diahnne Abbott: The First Wife of Robert De Niro

Diahnne Abbott: The First Wife of Robert De Niro

Diahnne Abbott is an American actress and singer who is best known for being the first wife of Robert De Niro, one of the most acclaimed actors in Hollywood.

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Who is Diahnne Abbott? She is the woman who married Robert De Niro in 1976 and starred with him in Taxi Driver. She is also the sister of Gregory Abbott, the singer of “Shake You Down”. Discover her life story, her net worth, and her current projects/PHOTO COURTESY: Facebook

She was born in New York City in 1945 and started her career as a model and a singer in the 1970s.

She met De Niro in 1976 and they got married the same year.

They had a son named Raphael, who is also an actor and adopted a daughter named Drena, who is De Niro’s biological daughter from a previous relationship.

Abbott and De Niro divorced in 1988, but they remained on good terms and shared custody of their children.

Diahnne Abbott Robert De Niro

Diahnne Abbott and Robert De Niro had a long and tumultuous relationship that lasted for 12 years.

They met in 1976 when Abbott was working as a hostess at a restaurant called Mr. Chow in New York City.

De Niro was impressed by her beauty and charisma and asked her out.

They soon fell in love and got married in a private ceremony.

Abbott and De Niro also worked together in several films, such as Taxi Driver, The King of Comedy, and Love Streams.

Abbott played minor roles as a prostitute, a talk show hostess, and a nightclub singer, respectively.

She also appeared in other films, such as Welcome to L.A., Crime Story, and Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life Is Calling.

However, their marriage was not without problems.

De Niro was reportedly unfaithful to Abbott and had affairs with other women, such as model Toukie Smith and actress Uma Thurman.

He also struggled with drug addiction and depression.

Abbott tried to support him and save their marriage, but they eventually grew apart and separated in 1986.

They finalized their divorce in 1988.

Diahnne Abbott’s Net Worth

Diahnne Abbott has an estimated net worth of $10 million as of 2023.

She earned most of her wealth from her acting career, as well as from her divorce settlement with Robert De Niro.

She also received alimony and child support payments from him until their children reached adulthood.

Abbott has not been very active in the entertainment industry since the 1990s.

She has only appeared in a few films and TV shows, such as Before Night Falls, Soliloquy, Precious, and The Chris Rock Show.

She has also focused on her singing career and released an album called Diahnne Abbott Sings Jazz & Blues in 2011.

Diahnne Abbott Son

Diahnne Abbott’s son is Raphael De Niro, who was born on November 9, 1976.

He is the only biological child of Diahnne Abbott and Robert De Niro.

He was named after the Italian painter Raphael Sanzio.

Raphael followed in his parent’s footsteps and became an actor.

He made his debut as a baby in Taxi Driver, where he played the son of his mother’s character.

He also appeared in other films, such as Awakenings, West New York, James Abbott Is Gone, Love Streams, and The Intern.

However, Raphael later decided to switch his career and became a real estate broker.

He founded his own company called The De Niro Group in 2008 and specialized in luxury properties in New York City.

He has been very successful in his business and has sold over $1 billion worth of real estate.

Raphael is married to Claudine De Matos, a former model from Brazil.

They have three children: Nicholas (born in 2005), Alexandria (born in 2007), and Elliot (born in 2010).

Diahnne Abbott Taxi Driver

Diahnne Abbott’s most famous role was in Taxi Driver, the 1976 classic film directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Robert De Niro.

She played Concession Girl, a prostitute who works at a porn theatre where De Niro’s character Travis Bickle frequents.

Abbott’s role was very small and she only had one line of dialogue: “Hey Travis”.

However, she made a lasting impression on the viewers with her striking appearance and attitude.

She wore a red wig, a fur coat, and sunglasses that contrasted with her dark skin tone.

Abbott’s role was also significant because it marked the beginning of her relationship with De Niro.

They met on the set of Taxi Driver and fell in love.

They got married shortly after the film was released.

Tiffany Chen

Tiffany Chen has appeared in several films and TV shows, such as The Last Airbender, The Man with the Iron Fists, The Legend of Korra, and Marco Polo.

She has also produced some of her husband’s music videos and albums.

Diahnne Abbott Brother

Diahnne Abbott’s brother is Gregory Abbott, who was born on April 2, 1954.

He is a singer, songwriter, and producer who is best known for his 1986 hit single “Shake You Down”, which reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and sold over a million copies.

Gregory Abbott was born in New York City and grew up in Harlem.

He attended Stanford University and Berkeley, where he studied psychology and creative writing.

He also taught English at the University of California.

Gregory Abbott started his music career in the early 1980s and signed with Columbia Records.

He released his debut album Shake You Down in 1986, which was a commercial and critical success.

He won two Soul Train Music Awards for Best Male R&B/Soul Single and Best New Artist.

Gregory Abbott continued to release more albums and singles in the following years, such as I’ll Prove It to You, I Got the Feeling (It’s Over), Let Me Be Your Hero, and Super Hits.

He also collaborated with other artists, such as Whitney Houston, Jennifer Holliday, James Ingram, and Dionne Warwick.

Gregory Abbott is married to Tiffany Chen, a Chinese-American actress and producer.

They have two children: Maya and Miles.


Who was Robert De Niro’s first wife?

Robert De Niro’s first wife was Diahnne Abbott, an American actress and singer.

They got married in 1976 and divorced in 1988.

They had a son named Raphael and adopted a daughter named Drena.

How did Robert De Niro meet his first wife?

Robert De Niro met his first wife Diahnne Abbott in 1976 when she was working as a hostess at a restaurant called Mr. Chow in New York City.

He asked her out and they soon fell in love.

They got married the same year.

Who is Drena De Niro’s father?

Drena De Niro’s father is Robert De Niro, one of the most acclaimed actors in Hollywood.

She is his biological daughter from a previous relationship with a woman named Diahnne Eugenia Wexler.

Drena was born on September 3, 1971.

She was adopted by Diahnne Abbott when she married Robert De Niro in 1976.

Who is Robert De Niro married to now?

Robert De Niro is married to Grace Hightower, an American actress, singer, philanthropist, and socialite.

They got married in 1997 and have two children:

  • Elliot (born in 1998) and Helen (born in 2011).

They separated in 2018 but reconciled in 2019.


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