Documented: Unemployment Crisis In Kenya See Companies Restructure Or Close Down – Part 1 of 10

UhuRuto, the punishment sent to Kenyans from hell.

Yesterday, the chief editor of this site asked Kenyans to send information about firms/businesses that are closing down and the response is massive.

Kenya’s unemployment has been at a crisis level for quite sometime. Data from Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) released in 2016, showed that 2.2 million Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) shut down in the last five years between 2011 and 2016 alone.

Continue sending information.

Unemployed Kenyans are often blamed for not ‘working hard enough’; some have sunk into depression while others have resorted to criminal activities.

Creation of jobs is the sole responsibility of the government of the day. Jubilee promised to create over a million jobs once re-elected, but what is happening is the exact opposite.

The problem with Kenyans is that most believed this lie and if they didn’t, why then didn’t they join in the demonstrations against the electoral theft and IEBC reforms that NASA had called.

See, there’s no change that can happen when one is in their comfort zone. Yes, demonstrations, picketing, petitioning are enshrined in the constitution and yes it is painful, the state would want to maintain power and so will hurt some people, jail some and kill others during such commotions.

And by the way, there’s no one revolution that is true that is funded. A true revolution comes from the hearts of those that are oppressed.

To push themselves beyond the lies of any politician, it is about a conviction that things will and must get better and if not then I am willing to give up my life for the next world or whatever is in the next place. But ultimately, fuck this shit, fuck this suffering, fuck corruotion that robs people of their humanity.

People need to understand how economic mismanagement intricately fucks up every system. Havent you heard that in better managed countries, the government pays unemployed youths who have reached 18 years some unemployment allowance.

Didn’t you hear that a cartel was stealing money collected by Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)? ; they stole over Kshs. 100 billion in six months in 2018.

Haven’t you read from the numerous reports released by the Auditor General Edward Ouko, where it is a free for all looting spree?

Do you still believe the lie that Africans are way inferior and that they can’t manage their issues? Well this is a lie, what do you want? A job? why dont you ask your government?

There are many ways to start: join a social scheme to study the constitution and governance, join forums for economic empowerment, read about your rights, read books on politics and governance, be active in accepting the reality that underlies all existence, i.e. it is a lie that the current crop of politicians will ever help us.

A state does not always take care of its citizens. It must be made to do that. Forced through picketing, petitioning, and when a critical mass of the people know their rights and exactly what they want, things will change.

Will you attend those civic education forums today? WIll you ask your MP what they are doing to create employment opportunities?

More importantly, ask them what they are doing concerning runaway looting.

See, an active citizen are like those you have always castigated and called names when they join demonstrations for change. There are many ways. Poverty is not a human right. Pursue happiness.

Below are some of the companies that are retrenching staff, mostly due to hard economic times. The economy has been screwed by Uhuru Kenya and William Ruto.

Some of these companies however, are not sincere in that regard because they are firing Kenya nationals for example earning Kshs. 20,000 per month and replacing them with foreigners earning Kshs. 600,000 per month. This beats logic.

It is not rocket science that some companies are using the current tough conditions in the economy to settle personal scores.


Hello Cyprian, El Presidente.

Kindly add this rogue company in your list.

Timsales company Limited located in Elburgon, Molo sub-county, Nakuru county.

This month 560 employees have already been sacked (issued with summary dismissal letters).

The letters were accompanied with no salaries, no retirement packages, no nothing.

The company accused the employees of engaging in a strike; they were demanding for their 3 months unpaid dues.

Very sad!


At the container freight station in Mombasa, clearing and forwarding and transport companies; from 2018 up to now more than 5000 people have been retrenched. By the end of this month some will have like 10 staff down from 500 staff.


Universal Corporation Limited, a pharmaceutical company in Kikuyu is laying off over 300 workers just because Indians from India bought the company and is slowly recruiting Indians. The matter at the t in Employment and Labour Relations Court – Milimani since they want to pay service below the stipulated amount.

Last time they deducted 30% from casuals service payment and after going to KRA it was not reflecting. Corruption and impunity of the highest order


Hi Cyprian please hide my identity, SGS Kenya fired more than half its employees in Kenya last year lets say over 100


Zertot Communication (Safaricom authorized dealer) closed five branches without giving a notice to staff. The branches were in Kitale, Narok, Kericho, Nyahururu and Chuka towns. They fired us all without giving any notice of intention. They said that Safaricom mode of payment has changed and they were not able to sustain running of these branches because they were running at a lose.


Center for health solution (CHS) downsizing three-quarters of its employees.


Thika Sports Club. More than 2/3rds of the employees were laid off less than 2 weeks ago.


Infiormation from reliable sources say Unilever Tea – Kericho dismissed 27 managers recently.


All staff of Doinyo Creameries based in Eldoret were fired and the company closed.


Makini School issued 70 redundancy letters Things are very bad. Sir hide my identity.

NOTE: This is part 1 of 10

Part 2 of 10 come up next: Aga Khan Hospital

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