DTB Taps Oxygène PR Owner Linus Gitahi To Manage Bad Press

Nasim Devji, DTB CEO


Over the past few weeks, we’ve posted about the mismanagement, slavery, exploitation, terrorism financing, racism and mistreatment at the terrorism-linked bank Diamond Trust Bank (DTB) Kenya.

The bank that is owned by the Aga Khan has now appointed the owner and founder of  Oxygène Marketing Communications Linus Gitahi as its Chairman.

Linus Gitahi is a former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Nation Media Group (NMG).

Oxygene has been doing PR for the terrorism-linked bank DTB for sometime now.

DTB has tapped him to control narrative.

The things that are happening at DTB are sad and worrying. Compliance and banking ethics have been thrown to the wind.

Insider Fraud

In October, 2018, we exposed how a client lost Kshs. 1.4 million through insider fraud perpetrated by his business partner and the bank’s staffers, 2 years earlier. The bank has not refunded the money to this day.

Complaints to the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) have also gone answered by the Opus Dei Governor still applying make-up, competing with slayqueens.

Terrorism financing and Arrest at DTB

After the Dusit-D2 terrorist attack in January, the CEO of DTB Ms. Nasim (Naseem) Devji was arrested by the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit (ATPU) over links to the terrorists.

The bank is said to have aided terrorists by not doing KYC – Know Your Customer well at their Eastleigh branch.

One of the terrorists Hassan Nur made 13 withdrawals of KSh400,000 each within short intervals on January 4 2019, with an additional withdrawal of KSh100,000 the same day prior to the attack.

The statehouse later exerted pressure on the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit to go-slow on the Diamond Trust Bank CEO Nasim Devji for aiding the Dusitd2 attack..

The other crime that DTB and their CEO did was not reporting that Kshs, 5 million had been withdrawn in a day. A requirement that banks need to adhere to.

Twenty one (21) innocent Kenyans (fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters and bread winners) lost their lives. The manager of DTB Eastleigh branch Ms. Sophia Njoki Mbogo was arrested and charged. The case is ongoing.

Because of the above, at dome point the CEO avoided going to work.

At some point, the bank thought of replacing her but I don’t know what they are waiting for.

Racism at DTB

According to our sources, the AgaKhan demanded that Indians are given the first consideration in the award of tenders. Sadly, all this is done without any procedures.

As will be exposed in a few days, the African employees at the terrorism-linked bank are given peanuts while the Indians on the same grade are paid three times what they earn.

The editor of this site challenges the bank to deny these allegations and tell Kenyans something about Pruthvi Plumbers and Jagpro enterprises.

The Kshs. 1.4 million Insider Fraud

The man who lost Kshs. 1.4 million through insider fraud perpetrated by his business partners and DTB staff plans to sue the bank. This 3 years after he began noticing fraudulent checks used to withdraw money from his account.

ALSO READ: AgaKhan Owned Diamond Trust Bank Poor Work Policies Exposed Further

Mistreatment, fraud and Sex

The Human Resources manager Lilian Ngala and compliance General manager Hilda must have gotten to their positions due to horizontal interviews.

The so-called Lillian Ngala used to sleep with the company secretary that is how she landed the head of HR and is now frustrating staff. She has no HR etiquette and honestly, I think she is only there because she managed to lower her panties to the right person.

These ladies mistreat the staff under them.

Workers complained to the editor of this site.

A worker wrote, ‘I also noticed that Hilda panics a lot whenever there are issues. She ends up making the wrong decisions as a result. We could hear her shouting at her staff. A whole GM panicking? How does she expect her juniors to respond?’

Mistreatment also follows fired employees as some end up not receiving their dues after leaving the bank, as they should.

The Asians in the bank can steal and will even tell the head of security a Mr. Naftali Mwangi that he is wasting his time and report him to the CEO.

There are many more issues that has covered, just click on the hashtag #RogueBankDTB on the trending topics section on the website.

The Cover-up by Linus Gitahi and company

Throughout the whole saga of fraud, terrorism financing and arrest by ATPU, the Githeri Media refused to cover these serious issues.

We often chide that we a country for investors yet we keep mum when such financial crimes are happening. WTF?

The cover up was occasioned by Oxygène PR, led by Gitahi. Gitahi knows how to get his way in various media houses.

The DTB CEO Nasim was arrested by ATPU but released under unclear circumstances. The police went on to reduce the charges to money laundering.

We shall continue to highlight issues to do with bad practices at such banks as DTB, for we seek a better Kenya.

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