Educational Excellence Spotlight: 10 Best Secondary Schools in Murang’a County

Acquiring knowledge empowers you, enhancing your intellectual strength and wisdom.

The most brilliant minds in the world have formulated robust theories, serving as the fundamental building blocks for much of our contemporary understanding.

This journey commences with the pursuit of basic knowledge driven by a passion for learning.

In Kenya, numerous high schools contribute to students’ education, establishing a strong educational foundation.

In Muranga County, a significant number of esteemed learning institutions exist, but identifying the top performers is crucial.

If you’re curious about the best-performing high schools in Muranga County

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Explore the educational excellence in Murang’a County with our curated list of the best secondary schools./photo courtesy:freepik

Best-performing high schools in Muranga County

The duration spent in high school is crucial, serving as a final incubation period during which teenagers learn, explore, and lay the groundwork for higher education and professional endeavors.

It is here that students identify their strengths and interests, positioning themselves for a successful future.

Consequently, it is wise to undergo this transformative process at an institution with a proven track record.

Opting for admission to the top-performing high schools in KCSE in Murang’a County is a decision that can significantly impact your educational journey.

Interested in discovering which schools stand out?

1. Muranga High School 

Muranga High School distinguishes itself as one of the premier educational institutions in the county, embodying the values of “Discipline, order, and determination” as encapsulated in its motto.

Categorized as one of the top national schools in Murang’a County, Muranga High School was established in 1964, marking a significant milestone in Kenya’s post-independence era.

In recognition of its remarkable growth, the school attained national status in 2014.

He boasts a distinguished list of alumni, including the first senator for Murang’a County, Hon. Kembi Gitura, Prof. James Gicharu of Mount Kenya University, and Christopher Maina, an M.D.

Cardiologists at Kenyatta National Hospital, and Muranga High School have made a lasting impact on the community.

The school also offers a diverse array of clubs for students to engage in, ranging from the President’s Award Scheme, Mathematics Club, Young Farmers Club, Science and Engineering Club, Debate Club, Scouts Movement, St. John’s Ambulance, Wings to Fly and Elimu Scholarship Program, Music Club, Red Cross Club, to the Wildlife Club.

2. Kahuhia Girls High School 

Kahuhia Girls High School has consistently demonstrated exceptional performance, securing its position as one of the top-performing high schools in Muranga County.

Its historical roots trace back to the arrival of the Church Missionary Society (C.M.S.) in 1906, initiating a mission in the vicinity of Kahuhia.

The school formally took shape in 1957 through the amalgamation of all educational institutions established by the C.M.S.

Commencing with a single stream of 35 students, Kahuhia progressively expanded to double streams, accommodating a population of 280.

Presently, the school hosts 1,300 students, supported by 40 Teachers Service Commission (T.S.C.) educators and 47 non-teaching staff members.

Kahuhia Girls High School boasts distinguished alumni, including Prof. Violet Kimani (Professor in Community Health) at the University of Nairobi, Dr. Grace Kitonyi, a senior lecturer in Haematology at the University of Nairobi, Janet Njoroge, MD at Longhorn Publishers, among many others.

3. Njiiri School

Njiiri High School commenced its educational journey on January 26, 1959, inaugurated by the then Chief Native Commissioner (C.N.C), Mr. W.F. Coutts, and the distinguished ex-senior Chief Njiri Wa Karanja (M.B.E), after whom the school was named.

In the mid-1980s, the institution transitioned from Njiri’s to Njiiri High School.

The inaugural class, comprising a modest 60 boys, underwent the Cambridge Overseas School Certificate Examination in 1961.

Presently, Njiiri High School accommodates approximately 1,600 students, supported by a dedicated faculty of over 70 teachers and 55 non-teaching staff members.

Governed in line with the Education Act, Cap 211, by a Board of Management (B.O.M.) and the Parents Association (P.A.), the school upholds core values of integrity, discipline, diligence, god-fearing, equity, and responsibility. Its motivating motto is “Free to Serve.”

4. Pioneer Girls High School 

Pioneer Girls High School stands out as a top-tier private secondary school in Murang’a County.

As a sister school to Pioneer School Maragua, it has consistently elevated standards, striving for equal opportunities in higher education.

5. Kiaguthu Boys

Kiaguthu Boys High School stands as one of the premier public secondary schools in Murang’a County.

Located in Mugoiri, Kahuro Division, in Murang’a County, this government boys’ boarding school has consistently demonstrated commendable performance in the KCSE exams.

Notably, in 2019, Kiaguthu Boys High School secured a position among the top 200 schools nationally, achieving a mean score of 7.8 (B- minus).

Admissions to this public learning institution in Kenya are overseen by the Ministry of Education, with students securing their places based on selection and meeting the minimum criteria for schools in their category.

6. Our Lady of Consolata Mugoiri Girls 

Our Lady of Consolata Mugoiri Girls in Murang’a County is proudly sponsored by the Catholic Diocese of Murang’a.

Established by the Consolata Sisters in 1938, it has evolved into one of the most esteemed secondary schools in the region.

The school’s guiding motto is “We are the Light,” complemented by a vision statement emphasizing “Education to enhance development in the society.”

With a mission to provide quality education that equips individuals with essential life skills, Mugoiri Girls has solidified its commitment to holistic development.

Noteworthy alumni of Mugoiri Girls include the first-ever female Chief Justice of the Republic of Kenya, Lady Justice Martha Koome, and Hon. Sabina Chege.

7. Edinburg Schools 

Edinburg High School stands as a prestigious secondary institution in Murang’a County, distinguished as a private international boys’ boarding school offering both the current Kenyan education system and IGCSE.

Known for its modern and state-of-the-art facilities, the school fosters a relaxed and positive learning environment.

Edinburg High School is committed to excellence, employing top-notch tutors who enhance students’ academic capabilities and nurture their diverse talents.

The school goes beyond conventional education, providing an international experience, a world-centered perspective, leadership opportunities, and dedicated advisors.

8. Karega Secondary School

Karega High School stands out significantly with an impressive statistic from last year’s KCSE exams, where 53 out of 180 candidates successfully gained admission to universities.

This noteworthy achievement solidifies the school’s reputation as one of the top-performing institutions in Murang’a County.

As a sub-county secondary school in Kigumo, Karega High School has consistently set the standard for academic excellence.

In 2020, 63 students out of 144 achieved a mean grade of C and above. Furthermore, in 2019, the school excelled with a remarkable mean score of 6.673.

9. Mumbi Girls 

Mumbi Girls High School, situated in Mukuyu Sub Location, Township Location, Kiharu Division, Kiharu Constituency in Murang’a County, is a distinguished girls-only secondary boarding school.

Renowned for its consistently outstanding performance, the institution has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the top schools in Murang’a County.

10. Muranga Elite High School

Murang’a Elite High School, located in Murang’a East Sub County, has established itself as a reputable private secondary institution.

Notably, the school achieved impressive results in the 2019 KCSE exams, securing the 27th position in Murang’a County.

Since then, it has maintained a consistent record of excellence.

The best-performing high schools in Murang’a County share common attributes such as effective management, adherence to strong principles, and sustained performance.

Before seeking admission, it is advisable to assess a school’s performance, and in Murang’a County, there are several top-notch options.


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