Top 10 Hardest Courses In Kenya

Explore the challenges of pursuing the hardest courses in Kenya, from Actuarial Science demanding top-notch math skills to the intricacies of Veterinary Sciences.

Uncover the difficulties in Economics, Law, Pharmacy, and Statistics/Math, and understand the dedication needed for success in these rigorous academic pursuits.

Discover the unique coursework and demanding nature of each course, offering insights for prospective students navigating the educational landscape in Kenya.

Hardest Courses In Kenya
Hardest Courses In Kenya: Photo(Kamran)

Here are the top 10 hardest courses in Kenya:


Architecture stands out as one of the most challenging courses in Kenya.

It requires a unique blend of mathematical proficiency and artistic ability.

Students delve into subjects like geometry, trigonometry, algebra, calculus, physics, and computer science, particularly 3D modeling.

While demanding, it offers substantial rewards for those who persevere.

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Engineering is renowned as one of the toughest courses globally and holds the same reputation in Kenya.

The complexity arises from its focus on solving real-life problems, involving students in intricate assignments and coursework.

Despite its difficulty, engineering opens doors to limitless career opportunities, although historically, the pass rates at all levels—certificate, diploma, and degree—have been challenging.

Medicine and Surgery

Unsurprisingly, Medicine and Surgery courses, especially at the degree level, are tailored for high-achieving students.

The rigorous nature of these programs requires considerable dedication, spanning 7-8 years for an MBCHMB (Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery) degree;

Or approximately 3 years for a diploma in clinical medicine at KMTC.

While the journey is demanding, the field of medicine offers lucrative career prospects and the chance to make a positive impact on humanity.

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Actuarial Science

Engaging in an Actuarial Science major presents a formidable challenge.

The course demands exceptional math skills, involving the measurement of risk through mathematical models, probability, and extensive statistics.

Success requires focused dedication, especially when pursued at the degree level.

Unfortunately, the demand for actuarial scientists has experienced a slowdown in recent years, potentially leading to a period of job hunting or exploration of alternative career paths.

Biochemistry Courses

Exploring Biochemistry courses unveils a combination of chemistry and biology, primarily conducted in laboratory settings.

This discipline favors students with a consistent record of excellence in sciences.

Core topics encompass biology, molecular function, genetics, disease mechanisms, and more, necessitating significant effort for a thorough understanding.


While involving a fair share of mathematics, becomes challenging due to the multitude of economic theories that students must master.

While not equivalent to traditionally demanding courses like medicine and engineering, the complexity arises from the need to comprehend numerous economic principles.

However, mastering the various economic principles proves challenging for some students, leading to dropout rates.

The advanced nature of economics-related math concepts adds to the difficulty.


Embarking on a legal career is prestigious but far from easy. Prepare to invest long, strenuous hours in study as a legal student.

Despite the absence of intensive math or sciences, the difficulty arises from the fundamental structure of the law degree.

Students must read an extensive list of law books and learn to apply legal principles in various situations.

Additionally, to practice law, one must pass bar entrance examinations at the Kenya School of Law.

Alarming fact: Up to 90% of first-time candidates fail these exams, often due to poor study habits and weak analytical skills crucial for advocates.


Research indicates that over 10% of students admitted to pharmacy courses fail to graduate.

The demanding nature of topics such as pharmacokinetics, pharmacology, pharmacognosy, and pharmacotherapy contributes to this high dropout rate.

The BPharm (Bachelor of Pharmacy) degree course, extending beyond typical durations, requires a minimum of 5 academic years (of 3 semesters each) to complete.

Success in pharmacy education demands the patience of a saint;

And the relentless hard work comparable to honey bees to secure a spot on the graduation list.

Statistics and Math

Studying statistics (BSc. in Statistics) or math (BSc in Mathematics) offers numerous opportunities but is notoriously demanding, unless one is inherently adept at mathematics.

These courses are frequently paired with computer science in Kenyan universities, with mathematics as a major and computer science as a minor.

In general, students encounter challenges with units like programming, calculus, scientific computing, vector analysis, classical mechanics, artificial intelligence, algebra, operations research, and more.

Be prepared to exert maximum effort.

Veterinary Sciences

Navigating through the coursework in veterinary medicine can be tumultuous, especially if you’re not adequately prepared.

The demanding education stems from the intricate biological systems of animals, akin to humans, and requires a comprehensive understanding.

Specializing in exotic animal care intensifies the training.

Upon graduation, a variety of opportunities emerge, such as veterinary practice, research, teaching, and participation in NGOs.

The possibilities are vast.

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