Equity CEO James Mwangi is the epitome of Impunity and has refused to stop fraud within the Rogue money-laundering bank.

E. O Opar

Phone: 0792967***



I would like to use your forum of Fraudulent banks, to tell my own true story of what transpired, over a transaction involving Equity Bank Fraud OR RATHER

How Equity Bank assisted / was involved / Fraudulently credited a fraudbastors bank account held with them and was withdrawn in ten minutes without regard to bank regulations.

On or around 10th Oct, 2016, I came across an advert on the website of OLX for a sale of a black Toyota Land cruiser Prado, I called the attendant whose name was given as Kepha Kenyatta (fake name). And on 17th Oct 2016. I met the said dealer at a designated showroom called AUTOMOBILE, opposite China place along Ngong road.

I did see the subject motor vehicle and plate No KCJ 800K. I managed to test drive to my satisfaction, they needed a deposit of Kshs 2 million for a vehicle whose cost was given as Kshs 3.5 Million the balance was to be settled later.

They produced a fake sale agreement which was later disowned by the showroom. The sellers gave their Bank account details for payment as below:-



ACCOUNT NO: 0020296393324


The above particulars were furnished to me by Kepha Kenyatta who posed as salesman.

I then initiated an RTGS transfer from my KCB Bank account no. 1184295859 on 17th October 2016. At around noon, I became suspicious and called Kepha who had cheated me he was fitting a car tracker at a workshop along Mombasa Road, but to my amazement, Kepha had disappeared and switched off his phones. I quickly rushed to Equity Bank Moi Avenue where I met a female operations manager, whom I pleaded with to stop the transaction but declined advising me to go back to KCB Kimathi Street Branch  where I initiated the transaction as they cannot stop transaction unless I give them a court order and further more informed me that the account in question is in Fourway towers branch and not Moi Avenue.     

When I rushed to KCB Kimathi street who recalled the payment, but as expected, I was informed that the funds have been withdrawn from Fourway Towers. It was now clear that I had been defrauded.

NOW, my complain to the bank is as follows:-

My RTGS instructions were not followed to the latter. I do know that the safest way to pay business transaction is through the Bank, but look at what transpired at the Bank: !!

Particulars of the account where they deposited the funds were completely different from my instruction save for the account number. And it reads as below:-

Account Name: TRIPPLE O IT CONSULTANTS – (Different entity)

Account No: 0020296393324 – (Maintained)

Branch: Fourway Towers Branch – (Different Branch)


How did they clear the payment with all these mismatches in the transactions?

Without conspiracy at the bank would it be possible to clear such a payment without referring the matter back to the drawer, which any prudent banker is expected to adhere to?

As if that was not enough, a such at the registrar of companies reveal that the name Tripple O Consultants has NEVER been registered with them as a business. It therefore follows that Equity Bank does not have an account in the name Tripple O Consultants which I intended to payment. So what did they do, they deposited the funds to Tripple O IT Consultants which I did not make payment to. It therefore follows that the actual theft was in the Bank itself. Without any prejudice the bank cost the loss by design/default or negligence as I suffer the consequences.

It is important to note that had the bank taken due diligence, I would have not lost even a penny in this transaction.

We equally wrote to anti-banking fraud who have not responded to date.

Another report was done to the DCI headquarters where the case was neglected.

I even took the matter to court where the fraudbastors have used all kinds of tactics to delay the matter. I am now a DISGUSTED Kenyan

How I wish this matter could be investigated by a 3rd neutral party. And it is for this reason that I am using your forum to EXPOSE the dirty tricks by Equity Bank Kenya Ltd.   


Keep sending your stories to Whatsapp 0710280973 or email [email protected] if you have been robbed by any bank before for highlighting 

About the author

Cyprian, Is Nyakundi

Cyprian is a blogger who has an interest in politics, news, current affairs, people and anything that is of interest to society. My aim is to inform and update readers with the most accurate information.

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