Is Mark Allen Married? Explore the Twists and Turns in Mark Allen’s Life

As of my last knowledge update in January 2024, Mark Allen is no longer married.

He was previously married to Kyla McGuigan, and their marriage ended in 2020 after seven years.

The divorce and subsequent financial challenges led Allen to declare bankruptcy the following year.

At that time, he was 36 years old and attributed his financial difficulties to overspending and the legal costs associated with his divorce.

He explained that spending too much money and paying for the divorce caused these money troubles.

An image of Mark Allen
Mark Allen. PHOTO: Instagram

He mentioned how difficult those times were, with his lawyer often calling him during practice.

Mark is relieved that those tough times are over.

There is still an issue with someone named Reanne that he hopes to resolve soon.

Even though he has a daughter named Lauren whom he doesn’t see often, he thinks about her a lot and wishes things could be sorted out for the better.

The bankruptcy and the divorce with Kyla are finished now.

Mark’s money situation has changed, and he won’t have as much money as before.

He admits it is his fault for not managing his life well.

He now has a certain income to help him sort out things for the future.

Mark stayed up until 2 am on Monday at an event but didn’t party hard like he used to.

From 10 am on that day, he had a snooker match in Leicester.

Mark has been doing well in snooker lately and might go to the Crucible in the best shape ever, hoping to win like other Northern Ireland players Alex Higgins and Dennis Taylor.

Mark is getting ready for a good performance at Sheffield in April, but he knows there are no guarantees in sports.

Does Mark Allen have kids?

Let us talk about Mark Allen, the snooker player, and find out more about him.

Mark Allen got married to his girlfriend, Kayla McGuigan, on May 10, 2013.

Sadly, their marriage did not last, and they decided to get divorced in May 2020.

Mark Allen has two children. His first child, Lauren, was born in 2006 with his ex-girlfriend Reanne Evans.

Unfortunately, Mark and Reanne broke up in 2008.

Who is the Richest Snooker?

Steve Davis is a 63-year-old snooker player who is very rich.

He was born in London, England, in 1957.

Steve has won almost every title and award in snooker, making him the most successful snooker player ever.

He was the number-one snooker player in the world for seven seasons in a row.

Steve won the World Championship six times and was the best professional snooker player for seven straight years.

In 2010, at the age of 52, he made his 30th appearance at the Crucible, setting a record.

Steve is the only snooker player to be named the BBC Sports Personality of the Year.

Now, he works on TV as an analyst and commentator for the BBC’s snooker coverage.

His net worth is around $33.6 million, which includes the money he won playing snooker and earnings from other businesses.

What nationality is Mark Allen?

Mark Allen is a snooker player from Northern Ireland, specifically from Antrim.

He became a professional snooker player after winning the World Amateur Championship in 2004.

Just a year later, he turned pro, and within three seasons, he managed to reach the top 16 in the snooker world.

Mark Allen was born on February 22, 1986, in Antrim, Northern Ireland, UK.

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