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Jeff Koinange’s Wedding Anniversary and a sleepless Night

I must admit that I had a quite sleepless night after all this talking about the ‘magic of making love’.

So the following morning I wrote:

I hope at least you slept well – I didn’t. But I have come up with an idea: why don’t you come to Spain at the end of October? You could tell CNN that you want to make an interview with me or something like that.

I would feel ‘safer’ in my own territory – London in October is foggy and cold. The Spanish sun especially here in the South would be much better.


Jeff replied a short while later via his Blackberry – alredy preparing himself to catch the flight from Johannesburg to Nairobi and from there directly to Khartoum.

It’s funny you should talk about sleep or the lack of it ……….

I woke up at 3 am after a very ‘vivid’ dream of MAKING LOVE to someone I’ve never met !!!!!!!!!!!

It was an unbelievable feeling …… I’m sorry if I was the cause of your sleepless night.

Malaga sounds very tempting but unrealistic for now …. 

After my dream last night, I WANT YOU EVEN MORE NOW …..


I’m leaving for the airport shortly and we can keep chatting for the next couple of hours …….

And I promise, I won’t make you too HORNY !!!!!!!!!!!!


He then called twice from the Airport …. always the same subject ….. I want to make love to you …… I need to make love to you ……..

And then also in writing via bis Blackberry:

….. about my dream last night ……

You and I were having a wonderful dinner with some lovely red wine and the conversation was flowing and I was stroking your hand and you were rubbing me and then after desert and brandy, we headed to my room and as soon as we were in, we started kissing passionately and slowly I started taking off your clothes and you were a bit shy and I reassured you telling you were in SAFE hands and you let go and I undressed you completely and you undressed me and you held on to something that was nice and hard ……

In the meantime, I started to explore your body, licking you and kissing you and when I got down between your legs, I started to kiss you more and lick you more and you started moaning and groaning and saying ‘please don’t stop’ ….

Should I stop now or should I continue ?????????? 

My dream was VERY VIVID !!!!!!!!!!

Let me know if you want me to go on ………..



Five minutes later he added:

One more thing:

By the time I was sliding INSIDE you, we were both in SEVENTH HEAVEN ………..

And it went on and on until I woke up at 3 am ………

WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I replied:

If I was blushing yesterday when we were talking, it was nothing compared with now.

I almost did not dare to read what you were saying about your dream. I still have to digest – but maybe we can make it reality – and if you forget what you were saying, I will take this message with me and you will have to fulfill every part of it.

I know, you are smiling now – and that’s what I wanted to reach.

And now I am going to swim …..


It took Jeff just one minute to reply:

Ha Ha Ha ……… I urge you to HOLD me to EVERY WORD !!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy the swim ….. talk soon, my Princess !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Although I was already at the door to go down to the pool, I sat down again and wrote:

I dreamed the opposite ……… I was kissing you ….. everywhere ……

Now you know what to expect ……….. if …………..

And Jeff:

Not IF ………. WHEN ??????????????

I can’t wait to feel your lips, your skin, your smell, your EVERYTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Departure in one hour ……. how I wish the destination was Malaga !!!!!!!!


I answered:

Do not forget to write to me also during the next two weeks ……

You are in my heart,

And his response:

I’m glad I’m in your heart ………. I just wish I was INSIDE YOU right now !!!!!!!!!!!!!

All I want is to make you feel like a REAL woman again ….. and to make you laugh and feel ‘wanted’ again ………

I have everything a man can want in life right now ……… except children for now ……… but I feel, you deserve to feel ‘wanted’ and ‘wanting’ again.

Is that too much to ask ??????????

Marianne, PLEASE let me make you feel the way you once felt !!!!!!!!!

The plane is taxiing ……… talk to you soon ……….


And my last mail that day:

I know that you are a very lucky and happy man – and I know my position in this:

I will – if ever – only be a visitor – a ‘passing cloud’ ….

But it would be nice to pretend – maybe only just for once.


When reading in the evening again our correspondence of the day, one idea struck me:

As he had told me, this was the day of his 8th Wedding Anniversary – so why did he not make love to his wife instead of having a ‘sleepless night’ dreaming about me ????????

Something was obviously very wrong here.

But since I had already understood that his private life was ‘off-limits’ for me or at least that he did not like to talk about much, I decided that it was not my business to start an interrogation – at least not for now.

But if one day he should feel like talking, he knew that I would listen ….

I just had to wait until the time was right.


…….. to be continued ……..


Jeff Koinange: SEXUAL CHEMISTRY !!!!!!!?????

After having taken a few days of holidays, Jeff called on September 25, 2006. It was a quite long conversation lasting almost one hour. 

After this he sent me by email a private photo showing him and Nelson Mandela. 

He then called for a second time informing me that the annual meeting of all CNN-journalists was scheduled to take place at the end of October in London and this would be a perfect opportunity to meet each other.

I then insisted to know more about his private life …. I had seen the wedding ring on the Mandela-photo ….. Jeff first tried to reply to this ….. but when I insisted, he then wrote:

Ha Ha Ha ….. you’re TOO observant …. maybe even too INQUISITIVE …..

Yes, I am married …. to a lovely Kenyan Indian (Muslima) from Mombasa…..

Funny you should bring that up now as tomorrow (Sept. 26th) is our 8th anniversary …. time flies ….. we have NO children so far …. I GUESS I’m never home that often enough …..

That’s about it – about my ‘secrets’ – no more surprises, I promise !!!!!!!!

I was also married once before …. to an American woman when I lived there …. no kids there either ….

Like you, I’ve been ‘around the block’ a few times !!!!!


The following morning he called again and for the first time started to talk about having ‘an intimate relationship’ with me ….

I was shocked and told him that ‘I could easily be his mother’ ………

A few minutes after we had finished our conversation on the phone, he wrote:

Are you afraid I might ‘hit on you’ ?????? I told you, I have an ‘old’ SOUL …..

Besides, I think we’ve already established that there’s something ELSE besides intelligence and good conversation between us ….. there’s almost a SEXUAL CHEMISTRY …. so, we’ll wait to ‘explore’ that when/if we meet in London !!!!!!!!!

Don’t worry, I don’t get ‘offended’ if/when ‘rejected’ ….. believe me, I’m a VERY shy person (except when in front of the camera) but when I ‘feel’ something stirring in me about someone, then I ‘explore’ it …. and follow through !!!!!!! Does this make sense ????????

And don’t worry about being my ‘mother’ ….. remember Oedipus ?????????

We leave tomorrow morning for Nairobi and straight thru to Khartoum …..

By the way, I just learned that a story I did on the Famine in Niger last year has just won an EMMY Award in New York last night ….. not bad, eh !!!!!!


I replied:

Congratulations for the EMMY – I always knew you were good ……

By the way, I have the picture showing you and Mandela framed here in front of me – although I am still not sure which one I like better, Madiba or you ….. for the moment I settle on both ……..

I do not go into the other subject you raised – you made me blush – but I try to be realistic – although I have to admit that you are a very attractive man (don’t worry, I will never repeat this – but just for once I had to say it).

God bless you,

Five minutes later came his reply:

Ha Ha Ha …… you make me SMILE …. you are so CONFIDENT one minute, yet so SHY the next …. you can say it …. don’t be AFRAID …. remember, you always said you’re NOT afraid to tell the TRUTH !!!!!!!

So if you feel like I do, then say it …….

Thanks for the kind words on the EMMY …. I do what I do because I LOVE what I do …. but when I get an award for it, it makes me realize I was BORN to do this ……..

As for the picture ….. here is one of me WITHOUT Madiba …. that way, you don’t have to TORTUR yourself choosing !!!!!!!!


I replied:

Let’s change the subject, please …. that is for me like walking on ‘slippery sand’ …. it’s not that I am not tempted …..

You are exactly the type of man I always preferred and I am also sure that you are a good lover ……..

I hope, this makes YOU blush now …….


Two minutes later Jeff wrote:

Ha Ha Ha …… YES, I am BLUSHING !!!!!!! And HAPPY to do it as well ….. I am sure, you are a GREAT lover as well …. and somehow I believe in FATE …. or is it KISMET ????????

Thanks for making me SMILE today ……


And then he called again – for the third time that day – elaborating again on his ‘dreams’ regarding me ….. and when he realized that I had problems talking about these intimate things over the phone, he wrote:

Like I told you, I’m a VERY shy person in general ….. but when I ‘CONNECT’ with someone ….. and it doesn’t HAPPEN very often – but when it does – WATCH OUT …. I’m like a BULL DOG ….. HARD TO LET GO ….

You have a lovely VOICE …. with that GERMAN/SWISS flavor to it …. and your laugh is VERY throaty …. full of energy ….. and most of all, your mind is FULL of ideas …. very ALIVE and ALWAYS wanting to explore and DISCOVER ………

So, having said that, it’s UP TO YOU to discover ME !!!!!!!!!!!

END OF THE SUBJECT …… FOR NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!


I replied:

I agree – let’s go on the ‘road of discovery’ – 

End of the subject and full stop …….


But Jeff did not agree and immediately wrote back:

Noooooooooooooooooooooooo ……. PLEASE DON’T STOP !!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember, you can’t fight SEXUAL CHEMISTRY ……. it doesn’t come around everyday ….. but when TWO SOULS MEET, it’s MAGIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YOU and I have SOMETHING …. and YOU CAN’T DENY IT ….. and YOU CAN’T FIGHT IT EITHER !!!!!!!!!!

So, the best thing is to GIVE IN !!!!!!!!


…. to be continued ……….


Jeff Koinange’s opinion about my book

After having read the first chapters of my book, Jeff wrote:


All I can say is WOW !!!!!!!!!!! I’m already HOOKED and would LOVE to get a hold of a copy ….. I don’t know if it’s available in Johannesburg (which is where I’m based right now).

You’re a BRAVE woman, my dear ….. and what you’re doing is GUTSY and very COMMENDABLE …..

I remember reading your testimony in the Kenyan papers when you were in Nairobi …. and I also remember hearing a lot of rumours about you …. that you were ‘Mzee’s Mistress’ ?????? And lots more …..

I would be interested to hear what they would have to say about THIS !!!!!!

I think, this is a VERY important book about a very DARK period in our HISTORY …. THANK YOY for doing this.

I’ll LOVE to do something with this …. I’ll have a chat with the folks at CNN’s magazine programme, INSIDE AFRICA …. they may require you appear in one of our studios (London, Paris, New York, Atlanta) and do an interview and ‘defend’ your book …. I think that would be GREAT …. and if you have a ‘spare’ copy and don’t mind sending it (signed of course) I’d greatly appreciate it.

My address is:

Jeff Koinange
CNN Africa Correspondent
25 Owl Street, 15th Floor
Auckland Park
Johannesburg 2092 – South Africa
Tel.: (27) 11 – 726 4251


And then he added:

You are ONE BRAVE WOMAN ….. NO Kenyan has come close to doing what you’re doing and for that you are to be COMMENDED !!!!!!!!

I don’t need to tell you this, but you should be PROUD of what you’re doing …..

I strongly believe the TRUTH must be told no matter how painful ….. and no matter how long it takes …….


So I am challenging you, Jeff, try to apply this last sentence also to us – to ‘our’ story and especially to London. Don’t continue telling the ‘world’ that nothing has happened ….. we both know the truth – and as you rightly said ‘the truth has to be told no matter how painful……’


to be continued


Jeff Koinange: …Hillary YES – Obama NO

As I mentioned before, Jeff accompanied Barrack Obama in Kenya.

On August 28, 2006, he wrote:



And since I spoke to you, I’m now looking at KENYA with different light …. you have ‘opened’ my eyes in many ways …. and for that I shall forever be GRATEFUL !!!!!!!!!!

And seeing OBAMA looking so PRESIDENTIAL and so dignified (and ‘untainted’) makes me really think about what I told you the other day …. that one day I WANT TO BE PRESIDENT of this country …..

To be HONEST, I’ve wanted nothing else since I was a small boy growing up ….

I just didn’t know how I would ever achieve it …. CNN has been an AMAZING journey of discovery for me ….. I get to ‘brush shoulders’ with the very BEST and the very WORST ….. and I get a FRONT ROW seat to HISTORY …..

And every day I feel I want to change things …. that I can change things ….. and one day, GOD willing, I will …..

Chatting to you makes me feel all this was meant to be …..

Stay well ….. and let’s keep chatting.



The following day he called and we discussed Barrak Obama’s chances to become the next US-President.

As a follow-up, Jeff then wrote:

Here is my reply: 

Hillary: YES !!!!!!!

Obama: NO !!!!!!! Too early – America is not ready yet for a Black President !!!!!!!!!


…. to be continued …..


Jeff Koinange: More about OPRAH WINFREY ….

After having called again from Nairobi, Jeff sent me an article he had just written about OPRAH WINFREY’s new school in South Africa.

I am herewith sharing this with you. It’s titled:

OPRAH’s school: Pandemonium and shouts of ‘Viva’ ! ———

“Hi, Jeff,” she said. “Glad you could make it. By the way, I watch you all the time.”

These were the first words Oprah uttered to me as I held out my hand to greet her stepping off her van, accompanied by her ever-efficient staff.

I was floored. ‘Oprah knows who I am ?’, I asked myself. And I had this whole introduction thing planned out.

What a woman, disarming as ever, and ever the woman in charge. I liked her from the start, even more than I did watching her all these years on television.

We were in Soweto – a sprawling slum in Johannesburg – which actually stands for South West Township. Oprah seemed as comfortable here as she would be in a five-star hotel.

She walked right into the home of a couple of prospective students who had applied for entry into her exclusive Leadership Academy and had impressed her to the point she wanted to see where they lived and what their lives were like.

As you can imagine, the two girls, cousins actually, were instant celebretries. “Oprah’s come to our house”, they kept saying. “Our friends will never believe us.”

Their friends didn’t need much convincing. Word in the townships spreads fast. Even before Oprah had taken a tour of the two-room, seven-persons shack, women were outside ululating the famous freedom line of the 1980s – but with a new twist.

“Viva, Oprah Winfrey, Viva,” one woman yelled, followed by the chorus line “Viva” from the rest of the growing crowd.

“You’ve spent $40 million on the school so far,” I began.

“40 million and counting,” she interrupted. “I think I’ll stop at $ 50 million. You can build a good school for $ 50 million.”

Fifty-million dollars anywhere in the world is a lot of money. In South Africa, it’s an almost unheard-of amount, especially if it’s being spent by one person for the benefit of others.

“The money means nothing to me,” Oprah continued. “When I look at these girls, I see me. That’s why I want to give them everything I didn’t have growing up. These are the leaders of tomorrow’s Africa.”

The Leadership Academy, set on more than 50 acres of land just outside Johannesburg, is a sight to behold. From the classrooms, to the dormitories, to the dining room, to the library, complete with fireplace, to a 600-seat auditorium, where Oprah will be checking up on her girls by video-conferencing – everything has been made to the highest standards.

“I want this school to be a reflection of me,” she says. “I made a promise to Madiba and I intend to keep it.”

Madiba is the clan name given to former South African President Nelson Mandela. Back in 2002, Oprah asked Mandela what he wanted from her as a gift to the nation. He simply said, “Build me a school.”

And she did. School begins January 2, 2007.

It’s Sunday afternoon and Oprah leaves for Chicago in a few hours. She’s invited all 150 girls that have “made the grade” and will be attending her academy.

The only thing is: She hasn’t told them they have been accepted. She’s invited them to an informal get’together. None of the girls suspects Oprah’s up to her old tricks.

She springs the surprise.

“I called you all here today to let you know that you all be part of the first class of the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy,” she said.

And then – PANDEMONIUM !

The girls scream and shout and jump for joy for a good 15 minutes. Their parents, too, are screaming and shouting. Everyon’s crying. Oprah’s crying. I’m crying. It’s an unbelievable scene.

Then Oprah opens up in a way that surprises even her best friend, Gayle King, who was present and is part of the academy.

“Some people ask me why I never had children,” Oprah says, adding, “Maybe this is the reason. So I can help bring up other people’s children, your children. I want you to trust me to bring up your children and I promise I’ll never let you down.”

This time there’s not a dry eye in the room. I’m bawling by now and wiping away tears on my sleeve, “You’re such a crybaby,” Graham, my cameraman, says, “I can’t help it, is all I can offer.

“What you did back there was simply amazing,” I tell Oprah afterward. “You’d have done the same thing, Jeff. Remember, I’ve seen your stories on CNN,” she answers.

I’m fighting back tears again, “Hey, give me a hug,” she says. “Today is a good day, and I feel my life has come full circle.”


I think, there is nothing to add. Here you see a grown-up man with the soft heart of a small boy – and a strong, much older woman – something Jeff Koinange always preferred and admired ……….. as you will see from our following correspondence – also about Oprah Winfrey when the two meet again at the end of 2006, after which he admits to have fallen in love with her – and surprisingly also Oprah with him …..

Be patient, I will publish also this written and expressed in his own words.

But before, I will continue with our ‘normal’ correspondence which will give you already a good impression of his state of mind ……. 

You will get to know a man driven by reaching fame ‘no matter how’ ….. a man driven by his sexual unsatisfied appetite ……. in one word: you will see a man who in reality always stayed being a small child graving for the attention and love of a mother – a mother he is looking and searching for in each woman he meets.

This explains also the fact that not only did he get married already as a young man to a woman 20 years older than himself, but continued being attracted to older women like OPRAH WINFREY …. and myself all his life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And even at the moment he follows his old ‘pattern’: 

His ‘boss’ at the Kenyan Television Channel K24 is Rose Kimotho – a woman known to be the lover a.o. of people like the Kenyan Police Commissioner Ali, a man responsible for all the killings taking place at the moment in Kenya ……….. 

Rumours going around in Nairobi say that Jeff got the job after having proved his ‘sexual capabilities’ to Rose Kimotho !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


to be continued


Jeff Koinange about Oprah Winfrey and Prof. Wangari Matthai

So as Jeff had suggested, I watched Inside-Africa on August 26, and then wrote to him:

Dear Jeff,

Saw the report about Oprah and I liked it very much and this has given me some ideas about myself.

You may recall that I mentioned on the phone that I want to set up a Foundation out of the eventual proceeds of the book to help underprivileged children (of all tribes) to continue with their school and studies. I will not be able to do it as big as Oprah, but if I can help a few, that’s a lot and if I can get the help of others, it will be more.

Now here you could come in: I had tried to get into contact with Oprah to get my book on her Book Show. But I did not get any reply. Can you help me with this?

Could you please also mention to her the importance of this book and also the Foundation. I am sure, she will like both. 

Please understand me – I do not want to take advantage of our contact for personal reasons. I think, we can really become friends outside our initial contact regarding the book.

But I want to reach something with my book. It should help to create some understanding about the dirty political games not only in Kenya – and it could help some children to maybe shape the future of their country in offering them better education.

Maybe we even create some future leaders – likeOprah also has envisaged with her project in South Africa.

I will also contact some people like Dr. Njoroge Mungai to assist. I have already established the contact between him and Father Angelo d’Agostini from the Nyumbani Village for Aids Orphans.

Father d’Ag is an old friend of mine and he always wanted to get into contact with Njoroge but did not know how. So I managed and the two have met and now Njoroge has come into his project to help these children. Nyumbani is mentioned also in my book and it is true that the money for my stay which the Government had agreed to pay went to them (abt. 1 Million Sh.) since I stayed at the house of friends (they are really horse breeders and Gideon Moi really came there since he had some of his horses with them). Father d’Ag has read the script of my book before it went to the Publisher and he loved it. He also mentioned that he knew about the ‘secret’ (Moi’s girls) …. so did an Official of the Swiss Embassy.

I hope, you find time to read my mail. I do not expect an immediate answer – although I have to admit that I love talking to you.

Enjoy your stay in Kenya – I wish I could be there too.


Much to my surprise Jeff replied immediately:


I think your idea about a school is GREAT …. and so is the book promotion thing on Oprah…. but I think we have to take this slowly as I have just established a ‘relationship’ with her and I don’t want to seem like I’m taking advantage of that …. TIMING is everything they say ….. we need to find the right time and the right ‘PLUG’ for both stories….

Let me think this through and maybe both of us can come up with a GOOD PLAN TO ‘SELL’ the idea …… I’m sure Oprah would be ‘HAPPY’ that someone else is taking up the ‘mantle’ and doing what she’s done in South Africa …..

By the way, she told me that her next school will be in KENYA ….. apparantely she’s GOOD friends withWangari Maathai and the two have spent time together in Chicago and Wangari ‘sold’ her the idea of replicating the school in Kenya ….

Maybe you two can collaborate and ‘build’ it ….. now that would be a GREAT idea …. you would need some ‘land’ (50 acres) with a ‘real’ Title Deed …. and the proper license for an INDEPENDENT school ….. think about that aspect and let’s keep discussing this ……

I too LOVE talking to you ….. I feel like I’ve known you ALL MY LIFE !!!!!!!!!

I’ll call you soon …. while I’m still in Kenya ….

By the way, I ran into ‘TOTAL MAN’ Nicholas Biwott at the Norfolk (where I usually stay) ….. he walked up to me and gave me a BIG HUG (I felt a chill go up my spine !!!!!!!!). He said all of KENYA is proud of what I do ….. I wanted to tell him, it’s people like him that have given KENYA a BAD NAME !!!!!!!!!! I ran to my room and took a quick shower after that ….. I felt so DIRTY with that HUG !!!!!!!!!

Be well, my friend ….. and we’ll talk soon.


Believe in yourself ………..
In the power you have to control your life.

Believe in the strength that you have deep inside
And your faith will help show you the way.

Believe in tomorrow and what it will bring,
Let a hopeful heart carry you through.

For things will work out if you trust and believe,
There’s no limit to what you can do !


………. to be continued ……………


Jeff Koinange and some thoughts about Kenyan Politics

On August 23, 2006, Jeff called for the first time.

It was late in the evening. He was at the Airport in Johannesburg boarding a plane to Nairobi to cover for CNN the arrival of US-Senator and Presidential Candidate Barrack Obama.

We spoke for more than an hour about people we both knew in and outside Kenya and African politics in general. We found out that we had many mutual friends – although I made for the first time the remark: “Do you realize that you know the sons and the daughters – whereas I know the parents?”

He also told me that we had another thing in common: He had read in the Media that I had been an Air Hostess before I got married – and he had also worked as Flight Attendant, first in Kenya and then for PanAm based in Miami before he then decided to study Journalism in New York.

He also confessed that ‘one day soon’ he will enter politics since this had been always a childhood dream of his. He insisted to send me the book he had written on his Grandfather. 

Our conversation only finished after somebody approached him saying “Jeff, if you don’t come right now, the plane will be leaving without you.”

A couple of hours later he wrote:


Somehow you and I have connected in a way I find hard to describe …. so exciting and at the same time so exhilarating …. I could have chatted on the phone all night …..

I feel we have ‘bonded’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve landed in Nairobi and thought of you …. just as we discussed …. I’m already looking at things differently ……..

Thank you so much for your trust and kindness !!!!!!!!

Talk soon,

I wrote to him the same day – and as I look at it now it is almost a kind of ‘prophecy’ of the outcome of the just concluded December 2007 General Election. 
But keep in mind, I wrote it almost 1.1/2 years earlier…….

Dear Jeff,

I think you have gone to Kenya at the right time ending up in the ODM-Kibaki- Moi -Uhuru-Kalonzo-Raila Odinga struggles.

In 2002 former President Moi knew from the beginning that Uhuru had no chance. It was a power game which Moi directed from A to Z and Uhuru was the victim but with the knowledge of the Kikuyu-leaders. And also the splitting up of Kibaki and Raila a few years later was a move Moi had calculated or even directed.

I know that Mutula Kilonzo wants to become Attorney General in the next Government. But people should never forget that also here he is just Moi’s proxy although he wrote to me once that he is not ‘carrying anybody’s bag, not even Moi’s…….. But in becoming A-G, Mutula will guarantee that neither Moi, nor his sons or anybody close to him can be made responsible for any scandal of the past.

From my point of view, this whole ODM is a very dirty game – and it will be very interesting to see how it develops. Especially Moi’s reaction …. I expect him to keep quiet for a while …. and then take distances even from Uhuru. If this happens, it is another game by Moi: it gives Uhuru the possibility to demonstrate that he is separating from Moi and is on his own contrary to 2002.

Maybe that’s even the whole reason for this exercise of ODM. But of course, Uhuru cannot do it from one minute to the next. That would look bad in the eyes of the Kikuyus and the Kalenjin where respecting the Elders (and especially Moi) is still a very strong tradition as I have learned in the past. So Uhuru can only move if and when Moi agrees.

Not to loose their faces, they will wait a little and then Moi will declare that he does not want to be in the way for Kibaki and Uhuru to move on – and of course, everything in the interest and for the welfare of the Kenyan People people … and the real victim will be at the end Raila Odinga – once again.

But Raila cannot protest since he is in Moi’s ‘pockets’ since 1997/98 when Moi passed him the Molasses Plant ‘free of charge’, i.e. paying all its debts with the Swiss Banks as Joshua Kulei told me in Raila’s presence and even entered as a partner into the company with Kulei as his praxy – this Raila told me even himself.

At that time the Odingas had financial problems – so Raila accepted Moi’s offer: He supports them financially and also politically in helping them to revive the Molasses Plant and with it gaining prestige in the eyes of the Luos and he offered Raila to become a Member of his Government (taking over the very ‘lucrative’ position as Minister for Energy). So Raila split with Orengo and Muite – joined KANU – and Moi won another term as President of Kenya ….

Raila knows that I have all this information and that was the reason why he was fearing my evidence in Nairobi. The one who pushed for it was Paul Muite who once was my lawyer at the time the Dr. Ouko investigations and with whom I was still in contact before coming to Nairobi.

But what about the General Elections in 2007 ? Will Moi ‘allow’ Uhuru to continue being in the ODM with Raila or will he not ‘convince’ him to join Kibaki to secure a second term for him? 

As I said in my London Declaration in February this year in front of the Sunguh-Committee: Moi feels safe with Kibaki because they share some very dark secrets – and he feels safe with Uhuru …….. but he definitely will never feel safe with Raila being President …… this in Moi’s eyes should never happen, at least not as long as he is alive……. 

We should talk again, don’t you think so?


On August 25, Jeff replied:

Hey Marianne,

I can’t wait to talk to you again ………

I’m in Kisumu waiting for BARRACK OBAMA to ‘finally come home’ Saturday ….. should be GOOD TV ……

Also, don’t forget to watch Inside Africa tomorrow …. nice story of OPRAH WINFREY in Africa ……

You’re an AMAZING WOMAN …….. when will we get to MEET ???????????

Stay well …..



—–to be continued———-


Where did CNN’s Jeff Koinange go wrong?

I am publishing as a kind of prologue to the full content of all emails exchanged between Jeff Koinange in me between August 2006 and May 2007, an article which was written by Mwende Mwinzi on June 10, 2007, in the Kenyan Daily Nation…….

Jeff Koinange is now working for a new TV-Channel K24 in Nairobi and I have decided to continue resp. reniew the publication of our correspondence at this very daring time in Kenya. 

It should serve as a kind of warning not to believe everything you see and hear on TV…….. as Jeff once wrote: “It is only Show…….. and talk is cheap…..”.

The article by Mwende Mwinzi reads as follows:

It had been coming for months we now know, but it was still a shock to hear it. Jeff Koinange ‘is no longer employed at CNN’, said network spokeswoman Christa Robinson on May 29. ‘We are not commenting beyond that, there are several different people who will fill in for the time being.’

The announcement was brief and cort. The Peabody award-winning journalist who had worked for CNN since 2001 had been fired. With his departure, Koinange would leave CNN with the most sensational story he’d ever made at the network.

‘I’m reeling from this news since I’ve so much respect and admiration for JK ….. his accomplishments, professionalism, confidence and style’, my friend George emailed me in response to the widely read March 6 blog which tagged Koinange “the Kenyan date rape journalist”. ‘Obviously this is one side of the story if indeed this is what happened …. what are your thoughts?’

In the blog called KUMEKUCHA, Koinange allegdly raped a woman old enough to mother him while meeting her in a London hotel in mid-February to discuss her book A Shining Star in Darkness and, as it would be, their love.

Quoting from her blog, Distant-Lovers, the site quotes the victim, Marianne Briner, as emailing Koinange: “I can’t remember to have ever felt like that – misused and mistreated by somebody who pretended to love me ….. after you left me – after we had sex in the roughest and most careless way – I felt so dirty …. I am still bleeding and will go to see a Doctor tomorrow.” In other email threads, Koinange asks Briner for a tryst —- a menage a trois (‘threesome’) — involving her and her daughter; discussions between the two centre also on health and on Herpes, the sexual disease Koinange allegedley infected her with during their intimate session.

“Do you remember your nice words: I will never hurt you – I love you and respect you too much to ever disappoint you – just trust me? …… Just empty words now – like you once said: ‘talk is cheap’?”

Up until this week when Briner temporarily deleted the entries, Koinange’s adulterous emails (also emailed to CNN boss Jim Walton) were in public domain causing the network tremendous embarrassment. But it is not, it is believed, for their sexual content that Koinange was eventually fired. If the allegations are true, CNN released him for impropriety and corruption.

According to some reports covering media in Nigeria, “there are allegations that Jeff Koinange has used ‘funds’ to execute contracts with the Rivers State Government and some Government agencies. “By his own admission, he has also violated journalism ethics by paying for (and some would say staging) stories for CNN.

Following some January correspondence between him and Jomo Gbomo, a reported top member of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND), Koinange visited and reported on the Niger Delta crisis, showing in his footage 24 Fillipino hostages and Delta militants.

“Of course I had to pay certain people to get the story,” he confessed in an email to Briner. “…. You do not get such a story without bribing – you know how the world, especially in Nigeria functions – you have to have financial resources – but at the end it was worth it – CNN has its story and I have my ‘fame’.”

MEND comprises militants struggling for the liberation of the Niger Delta which, they believe, is at the marcy of foreign oil companies exploiting it. Nigeria is Africa’s largest oil producer (and the world’s six largest exporter of oil) but the conflict, says the US Department of Energy, has cut the distribution by about 500,000 barrels per day.

“Our fight is against everybody,” one of their commanders said.

“Every institution that doesn’t want the people of the Niger Delta to have their fair share.”

Since the tail-end of 2005, MEND militants have attacked severally Nigeria’s oil sector, abducting dozens of foreign workers. “We are telling all expatriates to leave Nigeria, not only the Niger Delta, but to leave Nigeria. We will take lives, we will destroy lives, we will crumble the economy.”

Though CNN has adamently denied staging the issue’s coverage, Koinange’s email has, through Briner’s blog, succeeded in casting doubts on the veracity of the story and, worse, on the network’s credibility.

According to Frank Nweke, Nigeria’s Minister for Information, Koinange’s footage not only sends “the wrong signals to the international community about the state of affairs in the country, creates unneessary panic and portrays Nigeria as a country in perpetual crisis,” but it also “utterly disregards the most elementary principle of journalism because no government official was interviewed.”

“…. I have been ‘reprimanded’ by CNN for emailing anything but the basics,” Jeff wrote to Briner shortly before his termination. “It is causing them great concern.”

Globally, CNN reaches an estimated 1.5 billion people in over 212 countries. Like all other net organisations, the company’s success hinges tightly on its credibility and the accuracy of its reporting.

Yet, as we all know, such agencies will also go to tremendous lengths to capture, capitalise and cash in on hot news items like ethe now (in)famous Delta story.

So where did Koinange go wrong? 

“Don’t put anything in emails that you wouldn’t want the whole world to read,” says Keith Crosley of Forrester Consulting for Proofpoint Inc., which makes anti-spam and email monitoring tools for companies. It is a difficult ideal to live up to, he says, but, absent that, workers should at least abide by their company’s policy for acceptable email use.

In satisfying his salacious appetite for lascivious emails and online romps, Koinange indisputably violated CNN’s policy for such correspondence in using his official CNN-email-address.

But do you think that is what did him in or was it perhaps his documented admission contained in those emails to the now much publicized corruption ‘done in agreement with CNN?”


Tomorrow I will start with the ‘real’ Distant-Lover’ ……….

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