Kohei Ishibashi: Automark Sales Officer That Holds Female Employees Hostage

Kohei Ishibashi of Automark, formerly Toyotsu Auto Mart Kenya: Despite only joining in April 2021, he is already one of the most disliked officials at the company 

A section of female employees has laid strong mistreatment charges against a senior executive at a popular used car dealership in Nairobi.

Speaking to us in anonymity, the frustrated ladies disclosed how the Chief Sales Officer at Automark (formerly Toyotsu Auto Mart Kenya) has turned their lives at work into hell on earth.

The rogue Japanese nationality identified as Kohei Ishibashi is accused of among other things; holding female staff members hostage at his house.

Yes, you read that right.

For unknown reasons, Mr Isibashi has been asking the employees – some of them directly contracted by Toyota Kenya- to report to his dirty apartment in Lavington as opposed to Automark’s designated offices along Popo Road, in South C.

Apparently, once at his Kings Pearl Apartments residence, all the ladies are forced to switch off their mobile phones to prevent any form of communication with the outside world.

The situation has become so bad that one of them is said to have recently absconded her roles in search of greener pastures elsewhere.

Despite the good pay, she simply couldn’t take it anymore.

According to our source, the illegal and toxic working environment being perpetrated at Automark has repeatedly been reported to the Human Resources (HR) team at Toyota Kenya, but shockingly, no action has been taken.

In fact, it is an open secret that some members of Toyota Kenya’s senior management openly express their support for the Asian.

This has left most of the employees extremely baffled because according to their job contracts, the place of work has been clearly been indicated as Automark offices and not Mr Ishibashi’s apartment.

“Hi Nyakundi.

This guy works for Toyota Kenya in sales.

He has been keeping female employees of Toyota who report to him in his house purporting to be in the field working, but in the real sense, they work from his house.

As in they report in his house in Lavington na si kwa Ofisi.

So far kuna madem wawili who report to him but work from his house!

He is dirty, filthy, doesn’t shower his house stinks of shit and these two poor ladies who are employees of Toyota are subjected to that shit by him.

In fact, the situation is so bad hadi one of the ladies has resigned from her job amekataa hio job afathali akae bila job instead of being subjected to that kind of illegal work environment.

The sad part is the Toyota HR team is aware but they chose to side with this character.

This Ishibashi guy literally micromanages these ladies from his house and makes sure their phones are off so that they cannot communicate to anyone.

God knows what else is happening to them at his King’s Pearl Residency Apartments.

Why can’t he work from the office?

The employee contracts have clearly indicated a place of work that is not Kings Pearl’s Residency.

These ladies are scared to talk to HR coz they fear victimization and seeing that HR seems to be siding with this guy.

Please help highlight their situation,” our source writes.

We urge the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and other relevant bodies to quickly move in and establish how and why Toyota Kenya employees have been working from Mr Ishibashi’s private residence.

It is quite saddening that under UhuRuto’s disastrous regime, even hard-working Kenyans can no longer earn a decent living without their dignity being gravely undermined.

Cases of foreigners flying from abroad to mistreat us on our own soil have now become today’s norm.

This must stop now!

We shall be keenly following this developing story with a view of publishing subsequent updates on how things pan out at the company.

We trust that our next post will be a report on the sacking and prosecution of Mr Ishibashi.

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