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Letter to Dr Fred Matiangi from Meru University Students – Help stop this Impunity


Caption : Meru University VC  ” Professor ”  Japheth Magambo , who has been  accused of nepotism, impunity and ruling the university with an iron fist. 

Impunity has become a cancer  in our institutions of higher learning and if something is not urgently  done, they  will  degenerate into impunity icons that will keep  churning out thousands of half baked graduates year in year out .

Former President Mwai Kibaki chartered many  University colleges without looking at various factors in a bid to leave a ” Legacy ”  .Many Universities lack basic facilities making one wonder why the leadership of this country is not prioritizing education. Many students sleep in dungeons as they struggle to get a degree with no promise of jobs.

It is now normal for a graduate to graduate and return home to be fed and even be given money to buy underwear by their struggling parents. Has the degree lost its meaning in Kenya? Many questions …No answers .


Caption : Meru University DVC ” Professor ” Gitonga Mburugu who has been accused of nepotism, Impunity , Corruption and protecting rapists within Meru University 

Corruption, Tribal appointments and impunity is now a cancer  in many institutions of higher learning.  Look at this sad case from Meru University from a student who is very disturbed.

Hello Nyakundi,

I am a student from  Meru University, School of pure and applied sciences. Last year , between the months of September and December, We commenced for our semester and everything flowed smoothly. As you know, somebody must sit for at least two Cats, several assignments and a final semester exam for them to be done with a particular unit.

School of pure and applied Sciences students sat for their exams between 1st and 8th December and hoped for the best. What happened ? When the same students reported for their Jan – May Semester 2016, the University is now asking them to resit the exams for the following units ( Regression Modelling, Statistical Programming II , Econometrics and Statistical Programming 1 ) Why ? Because the Lecturer one Dr Mutwiri– A shame to the world of creativity decided to go into hiding with the student results because  the university refused to pay him for lecturing the above-named units.

The question is ‘’ Is it the students problem that the lecture was not paid  ? ‘’ In fact, all students cleared their fee and the exams were adminstered under strict supervision and calm environment .

Students Cyprian Nyakundi has spoken to have Cited harassment, Intimidation and threats from the disgraced and short sighted administration that wants to have its way.

Impunity in Meru University must stop . The VC ‘’ Professor ‘’ Magambo and DVC ‘’ Professor  ‘’ Gitonga – In quotes because they are a shame to the world of creativity and don’t deserve to be called professors,  are very incompetent as all this happens. It is also sad that Professor  Magambo and Gitonga are married from the same family. Two incompetent and shameless losers  leading the same institution .

I  will not say anything about the ever backward Dean Of Students who prefers dozzing off in his office that he has now turned into a gossiping platform with handpicked secretaries . The dean Mr Ikiara refused to help a  student ( Laura ) who was sexually harassed by a senior security officer a few years ago . He instead joined forces with the  Magambo and Gitonga to protect the officer who was later chased away by angry students.


Caption : The Incompetent, ever  drunk and backward Meru University dean of students Mr. Jacob Ikiara who prefers gossiping with his handpicked secretaries instead of serving hardworking students 

Meru University students deserve better and this is an appeal to education cabinet secretary Dr Fred Matiangi to act and stop impunity in Meru University where jobs are dished out like sweets depending on your tribe or loyalty to Magambo and Gitonga.

How many times will students repeat exams in Meru University because a lecturer  has gone into hiding for not being paid? . My sources further allege that this is not the only case . In 2011, Statistics students were forced to repeat the whole semester because they were taught different units. Incompetence in Meru University stinks to the heavens.

We urge Dr Mating’i to  make impromptu visits to Universities like Meru University  where  impunity has become the order of the day . Matiangi should also intervene and ask the two disgraced professors why Meru University students are protesting all the time and being unfairly suspended and intimidated.

Meanwhile,  We would like to  send a warning to Meru University leadership that you are being keenly watched. The Meru University students leadership must also wake up and fight for the rights of oppressed students instead of receiving small handouts to be sell outs . You will be remembered for what you do.

Share this widely and demand that something is done.

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