Muhoho Kenyatta St. Mary’s Classmate Kibuga Kareithi Directly Linked To National Oil Saga


Laughable and satirical to say the least is the NOC cabal cagey covert project christened – Enhanced Procurement Process and Alignment to the PPADA, 2015 act, (publicly available) document for use by every state institution despite NOC cabals consistently inventing alternative avenues aimed at self-preservation by enlisting the services of external rogue consultants including but not limited to the masquerader [Domitila Wanzila Muvanya – Contract for provision of supply chain consultancy services – individual consultants (kism lisence no. k040/ 2013)] to game, manipulate and circumvent the system with a premeditated flawed outcome in all strategic contracts of interest to exacerbate money laundering as reported in the earlier serializations on NOC corruption epidemic.

Domitila Wanzila Muvanya’s choice as the perfect candidate to covert-manage NOC cabal heinous economic crimes involving flagrant tender scams was either by default or design having proven her worth vide tainted wrecking ball schemes during her stints at the Kenya Pipeline Corporation – KPC and Kenya Bureau of Standards – KEBS where she left behind trail of bodies (of personnel/threats standing on her way and/or compromising her clandestine schemes) as collateral with ensuing flagrant rip-off of tax payers coffers.

Thanks to the sizable spoil’s commission Domitila Wanzila Muvanya receives from running NOC cabal hideous tender scams, she meteorically upgraded from a rented humble apartment in BuruBuru to a palatial private (home) asset worth tens of millions of shillings in the pristine Lavington dwellings befitting the thief’s conceited status.

The Naivasha training in the first week of April 2018 organised allegedly for NOC functional department managers mysteriously and suspiciously ended up in-cooperating all the employees (irrespective of employment position within NOC) previously involved in all aspects in the public procurement regulatory authority – PPRA flag-up radar vide “(letter to NOC CEO – Ref: PPRA/COMP/30/36 VOL II (17), 30th October, 2018) censured TENDER FOR PROVISION OF STAFF MEDICAL COVER UNDERWRITTER ONLY” questioning the flawed a ward of the tender to M/s Heritage Insurance Company Ltd at KES55, 704,020.00 and unfair disqualification of M/s Jubilee Insurance Company Ltd at KES48,211,510.00 bid by the complicit NOC evaluation committee contrary to the requirements of Section 2 of the PPADA, 2015 on unfair competition and as a result the NOC procuring entity lost KES7,492,510.00.

Reliable sources posits that the training though attended by some NOC managers (coincidentally included manager, procurement Alex Musungu – recalled for the event even as he continues to serve the barbaric compulsory one month suspension-leave slapped on him by the NOC BoD Chairman – Kibuga “Kibby” Kareithi “the cabals’ errand-spanner boy” following the Exposé on the health tender scandal).

The Chairman of the NOCK Board is none other than Kibuga “Kibby” Kareithi, a bosom friend to President Uhuru Kenyatta and former CEO of the Nairobi Securities Exchange. His father was the former Head of Civil Service in the Kenyatta and Moi errors – Godfrey Kareithi. He is well known as Muhoho Kenyatta’s sycophant who has been a director of various Kenyatta Companies including MediaMax. He is definitely the lineman to the powerful people who are plundering the parastatal.

Undeniably, the whole hullabaloo about the NOC-PPRA Naivasha broadside affair (disguised as parallel training) was at best a “ruse” and at worst a “ploy” to clandestinely conceal a brokered and long over-due premeditated rapprochement mediation by PPRA between the NOC cabal and the entire evaluation committee of the tender above aimed at forging cohesion (common-front), tying loose ends and further managing imminent fall-out which when and not if left unchecked might exacerbate economic damages including practitioners reputation damage, risk of law suits-litigation against the affected complicit parties including the bomb-shell hitherto unknown PPRA’s Complicity Exposé leading to banishment from insurance industry association and/or practice.

PPRA’s officers probing the corporation on malpractices as chronicled vide “(letter to NOC CEO – Ref: PPRA/COMP/30/36 VOL II (17), 30th October, 2018)” were allegedly Bribed approximately [KES21, 000,000.00] by NOC cabal in December, 2018 to let the accomplice culprits off the hook and additionally waiver further subsequent probe into another similarly flawed NOC cabal dealing with the same M/s Heritage Insurance Company Ltd on: “TENDER FOR PROVISION OF GENERAL INSURANCE, GROUP LIFE INSURANCE, GPA & WIBA-UNDERWRITERS – RE – TENDER: NOCK/PRC/03(1423)2018-2019”.

Consequently the above tender was not probed by PPRA despite corroborating signature mutation flaws exactly identical if not worse to the – PPRA “(letter to NOC CEO – Ref: PPRA/COMP/30/36 VOL II (17), 30th October, 2018)” censured TENDER FOR PROVISION OF STAFF MEDICAL COVER UNDERWRITTER ONLY.

Spot sampling of the systemic flaws inherent in the second and identical to the first scandalous process (involving the NOC cabal and M/s Heritage Insurance Company Ltd) include but not limited to:

This tender was suspiciously stage-managed as restricted with the goal of locking out other bidders specifically Jubilee (ensuing the fall-out between NOC cabal and the Insurance company on Tender for provision of Staff Medical Cover Underwritter Only)

Once beaten twice shy, remember the manager – procurement Alex Musungu?, having cheated death once (previously escaping with human resource – HR final and last warning salvo ensuing pressure at gun-point to fraudulently award the Tender for provision of Staff Medical Cover Underwritter Only with Domitila Wanzila Muvanya collecting 10% bribe for the NOC cabals) he obeyed orders ritually to the last-mentioned.

Why? Because! (the NOC cabal and M/s Heritage Insurance Company Ltd trigger happy m’ boys’ were back in town to collect the m’ balance by all means necessary and this time round, they weren’t in the mood to negotiate nor take hostage)..

That’s why! The unmanned desolated manager, procurement chose safety over sorry taking to the hills onto vintage grounds probably for damage control to self, put otherwise as self-preservation cum aggression.

Despite the professionally informed proposal from procurement manager on fair restricted tendering to the NOC accounting officer through the finance department, it is evident that doom was maliciously spelled on Jubilee and two other firms vide killer master-stroke of a seasoned career (thief in) chiefs’ death-row pen thus sealing their fate to oblivion not to be considered for the tender even though they’re enumerated in the reference list of approved insurance companies provided by the Stanbic bank as per proposal.

Snap-shot – sample capture notes of the tender opening process

The tender opening committee members comprised of:

Alex Makokha – Human Department
Mariam Maliku – Marketing Department
Eric Ayany – Finance Department
Andrew Kiarie – Procurement Department

The highlighted malpractice and impunity perpetrated by the thief chief predictably propagated into the (re-)enacted appointment of evaluation committee comprising of the following members:

Lilian Waweru – Legal Department (Chairperson)
Gillian Omari – Finance Department (Member)
Alex Makokha – Human Department (Member)

This blatant heinous act contravened the provision of section 46(4)(c) which states that “the committee shall have as its secretary, the person in charge of the procurement function” i.e. the identical malpractice as censured by PPRA vide (letter to NOC CEO – Ref: PPRA/COMP/30/36 VOL II (17), 30th October, 2018) – TENDER FOR PROVISION OF STAFF MEDICAL COVER UNDERWRITTER ONLY.

Despite the tender opening committee capture notes pointing to ICEA Lion Insurance bid document not being paginated as required, it underwent evaluation anyway (along with Heritage and UAP) as corroborated in the confidential evaluation results, polling:

First – ICEA Lion at KES30, 268,710.00 i.e. KES2, 613,246.00 below NOC allocation budget KES32, 881,956.00; – [92.05% of NOC allocated budget]

Second – Heritage at KES33, 958,883.00 i.e. KES (1, 076,927.00) above NOC allocation budget KES32, 881,956.00; – [103.28% of NOC allocated budget]

Third – UAP at KES55, 331,947.00 i.e. KES (22, 449,991.00) above NOC allocation budget KES32, 881,956.00; – [168.27% of NOC allocated budget]

The evaluation committee’s compromised recommendations as captured however is skewed and discriminatorily favors Heritage over ICEA Lion despite being the lowest evaluated bidder as per confidential evaluation score-records above.

We posit that the ensuing shambolic evaluation report based in large on purported (non-existent) professional opinion is more of a cheek-in tongue given from history that (if it were ever given) – it would have been more than likely provided (with reservations) to salvage life of the unmanned desolated manager, procurement already under imminent threat.

(But) hey pose a minute!……..remember the defacto thief in chief – MaryJane Mwangi “Mob boss” had personally in corruption-symphony with the evaluation committee as expected issued a decree discretionally (disguised as the purported professional opinion desperately used as justification by the evaluation committee, despite conspicuously lacking substantive procurement affiliation/connotation) to M/s Heritage Insurance Ltd ushering them to negotiations as the lowest evaluated bidder notwithstanding incontrovertible evidence from confidential evaluation score-results pointing to the contrary.

Heritage – the maestro of the art of the deal complied swiftly as directed in the Bespoke Second request for restricted tender disguised as “Competitive Negotiations” by submitting only the best and revised-final offer at KES32, 686,635.00 and within the (NOC set budget at KES32, 881, 956.00) – a supposedly classified information as per the PPADA, 2015 act, but blatantly disclosed vide the invitation letter above.

The surreal ordeal was sealed, signed and finally delivered to the NOC cabal on a silver platter once again with soft-ball help of the captive manager, procurement though still unmanned desolated but greatly relieved to be a live for this time round he had mastered the art and language of the cabal never to stand on their way unless you hate your life so much. This is punctuated vividly as per the corroboration below:

See…..rumbustious mean crossings on the last two dotted lines??…….how could you reject such a wicked easy-pick meal given the chance and (our) time to eat? He…..he…..he….!!!

Truth be told, no one would and please let’s applaud our dear thief chief and NOC managing director MaryJane Mwangi “Mob boss” for screwing (sick) it one more time in the unmistakable signature cabal fashionista style but,

At what flagrant rip-off to the Kenyan tax payer coffers…????

Despite M/s Heritage Insurance Co Ltd suspiciously (final and best offer) sweetened-revised price at KES32, 686,635.00 and within the (NOC set budget at KES32, 881, 956.00), the fact remains that the NOC cabal systematically conducted a flawed process beginning with the malicious locking out of other bidders (like Jubilee and three other firms) at the bidding and prejudice of the managing director MaryJane Mwangi “Mob boss”.

Additionally the unwarranted partial-shelving and/or the premeditated failure to wholesomely cancel the results of the tender (as corroborated in the aforementioned confidential evaluation score results: 1st ICEA Lion – KES30, 268,710.00; 2nd Heritage – KES33, 958,883.00; 3rd UAP – KES55, 331,947.00) to allow for competitive restricted re-tendering between the top three contenders rather than cherry-picking of the second lowest bidder, M/s Heritage Insurance Co Ltd to submit a revised offer amounted to discrimination contrary to relevant requirements of the PPADA, 2015 act on unfair competition and as a result the NOC procuring entity lost KES3, 690,173.00.

The deal was further greased as usual – standard and/or another 10% only, thank you cut (to the NOC cabal from M/s Heritage Insurance Co Ltd), clandestinely collected by the aforementioned external rogue consultant & naughty masquerader [Domitila Wanzila Muvanya – Contract for provision of supply chain consultancy services – individual consultants (kism lisence no. k040/ 2013)] – the maestro of money laundering.

The putative reckless actions of the cabal knows no loyalty, akin to lack of dignity amongst thieves as substantiated by the surreal ordeal of proxy external rogue consultant & naughty masquerader – Domitila Wanzila Muvanya. Despite the cabal enriching themselves through her maestro money laundering cryptic services, she was singled out as a loose end in the racketeering syndicate (immediately our previous Expose’ came to public attention) and unceremoniously chopped off the looting shrine (conveniently disguised as natural death of her legendary one year money laundering contract) with such haste that she never got the expected bonus for doing a good job.

Domitila Wanzila Muvanya’s fortunes would dwindle even deeper when subjected to further performance appraisal of her fabricated contract to which she was shocked to learn from the cabal that her legitimate “sick” claim of the pending payments would not be processed due to nonexistent deliverables as per the signed contract and additionally brace for recovery litigation proceedings for previous overpayments.

The world seems to have crumbled turning upside down for Domitila Wanzila Muvanya whose miscalculation and poor judgement of the merciless cabal system and network seems to have worsen her problems more like jumping from frying pan onto fire.

Sand-witched between a rock and a hard place, she cannot dare sue the cabal in a court of law thus instead dared the cabal head-on, akin to a death match of lawless combative wars ferociously waged between competing factions kin to wrestling power and control of the street as played out in the mafia gang underworld.

Unfortunately Domitila Wanzila Muvanya’s frantic efforts seems to have been out-gunned by the overwhelming fire power and muscle mass of the cabal for now thus she has taken calculated precautionary steps of self-preservation (& equivalent aggression) ranging from clandestine transport arrangements in which she (intentionally avoids using her personal top of range & signature Jeep Grand Cherokee acquired from laundering proceeds during by-gone sumptuous business times with the cabal), interchangeably hopes into at least three different random cars contingent on prevailing logistics paradigms whilst pursuing errands just to keep it real and stay alive hopefully to outsmart the cabals when they least suspect another day.

Thanks to the unchecked greed by PPRA rogue actors, choosing not to live up to the agencies mandate of timely coordination with the law enforcement agencies to reign in culprits; the declaration by the head of state on censured flagrant graft orchestrated in state institutions as a national disaster and its’ total eradication through relevant state machinery thereof has partly lost momentum if not headed for a disastrous-stall, culminating into Armageddon collateral damage and destruction for all: the cabals, the tax payers enjoined by the burned-out state agents including complicit PPRA collectively having to contend with the wrath of a cabal-made catastrophic ravaged Kenyan economy which only makes us proportionately equal-strong and has no equal thus unrenewable”
Snap-shot: Exhibit of PPRA Complicity in similar NOC cabal tender racketeering syndicate [letter to NOC CEO – Ref: PPRA/COMP/30/36 VOL II (17), 30th October, 2018) censured TENDER FOR PROVISION OF STAFF MEDICAL COVER UNDERWRITTER ONLY]

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Cyprian is a blogger who has an interest in politics, news, current affairs, people and anything that is of interest to society. My aim is to inform and update readers with the most accurate information.

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