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Cyprian Is Nyakundi


Part 2 of 15 : Your Privacy and Safaricom are Two different Worlds


Knowledge about personal/priavate information should not be taken lightly. All of us know this guy called Snowden. Snowden shaped the future of Whistle Blowers when he leaked Confidential NSA documents that put the USA on the spot. The leaked documents exposed how the American government was spying on its neighbors and its own people with Impunity. 

I will not be talking about Snowden today. My focus will be on this Monopoly called Safaricom. Safaricom is totally drunk and staggering with monopoly. Recent happenings have proved beyond any reasonable doubts that this company does not respect or value our privacy.But you know what? Kenyans do not understand how their privacy matters. That explains why Safaricom has got away with these serious crimes unscathed.

If we could Just boil things down to the reality on the ground, Safaricom should pay dearly for  disrespecting our Privacy.

In July Last year, Many Kenyans were spammed with messages that allegedly came from the NCCK Idiots. Here is the message . ncckI complained to Safaricom on Twitter but for the first time, Safaricom ignored  my question as shown Below

saveThe reality is that Safaricom had given NCCK our phone  numbers and the fellas decided to spam us with their text messages. Many Kenyans complained about being spammed with these messages. But you know what ? Kenyans just complain for a few minutes then accept and move on.

most Kenyans dont know their Rights. They dont believe that knowledge about Private matters can be used wrongly, that is why there is no outrage.

Safaricom doesnt respect our Privacy. Why did they give NCCK our numbers without our consent ?  That proves that they have done that severally .

In western countries, Privacy is taken seriously. In this age that calls are tapped, emails scanned and all our movements tracked, we have to be very keen. I know many Kenyans will verbalize their incredulity but this is a serious crime that must be condemned. If all of us join hands and tell Safaricom to Respect our privacy…They will listen because a people united will never be defeated.

Safaricom claims that they respect their users privacy but that is easier said than done. The best and easiest way to determine if a company’s principles are sound is by seeing if they can be consistently applied.

I am not the only one complaining about user privacy Read a shocking case here

Safaricom is at it again, this time it’s about your privacy flying out of the window

As I said earlier, User privacy must be respected. In all these cases, Safaricom never apologised. They just did everything with Impunity.

How sure are we that our information, transactions and other private details are not being sold to Kenyan CIDs or goons because Safaricom cares about Profits ?

This is the Second Part on My investigative Series that is aimed at exposing Safaricom as a greedy and malicious Company that does not care about its customers, everything they do out there is cheap PR Gimmicks that can only fool a few fools. The Kenyan media is all quiet about the happenings because they pocket millions by advertising with Safaricom. It is now up to bloggers to swing into action and save our country .

Welcome to investigative Blogging Folks

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