Political Consultant Njeri Thorne, Twitter Feminist Betty Waitherero Engaged In Heated Altercation Over Controversial Death of Male Acquaintance

Njeri Thorne
LEFT: Twitter feminist Betty Waitherero RIGHT: Political consultant Njeri Thorne

Netizens witnessed a rare spectacle on Friday, December 2, after two influential women on Twitter got involved in a heated altercation regarding the controversial death of a man from the United Kingdom, who was reportedly on a visit to Kenya eight months before he met his unfortunate death.

The drama began when Njeri Thorne, a prominent political consultant, confronted Betty Waitherero, a popular feminist on the platform, claiming she held some answers concerning a purported assault incident against the guy, whom she explained was born in Kenya but brought up in England.

According to Ms Thorne, months ago, she introduced the UK man to Ms Waitherero.

He was on one of his usual trips to Kenya and requested her to hook him up with someone to kill the boredom during his brief stay.

“I thought of a few single acquaintances and figured a lady I’d met on Twitter and subsequently worked with would be a good match.

I set them up and given they were both in their forties, left them to their own.

They dated for about a month.

Man’s still staying with me,” she explained in her thread of tweets.

This is where it got interesting.

In the next series of tweets, Ms. Thorne claimed that after a few weeks of dating, her friend (the UK guy) came back to the house one late night while profusely bleeding from what appeared to be severe injuries on his head.

“One weekend after visiting her, he comes back to the house at 3 am, beaten and battered with blood coming out of his ears.

He was still boozed, and I couldn’t get the story outta him so I take him the hospital, his head was swollen, his nose bleeding and his ears bleeding.

So I figured he needed to have CT scans etc. All was OK. Thankfully,” she adds.

After regaining full senses, he alleged to have been attacked by Ms Waitherero alongside her full-grown son and elder brother.

“Next day he starts to explain how my friend and her son and her brother beat him up because he got noisy and passionate in a debate!

I figured I’d call my friend, ask her what went down,” she continues.

The call, she says, turned out to be an argument, with Ms Waitherero sensationally denying the guy’s story, and instead, giving a counter-accusation that he was a psycho.

“She acts very angrily, saying I introduced her to a psycho.

I keep my cool. ‘So what did he do to warrant this beating?’ She says ‘Fuck you Njeri Thorne’, ok, I say, ‘but why did you beat him. One guy against you, your 23yr old son, and your grown-ass 50yr old brother. What did he do?’

She hangs up,” Njeri Thorne tweeted.

In the final part of the thread, Ms Thorne says that she persuaded her UK buddy to press charges but he turned down the suggestion, fearing it would ruin the life of Ms Waitherero’s young son.

Eight months later, he died of cancer.

“I’ll never know what happened. Persuaded him to press charges, but he felt it would ruin her son’s life given he was so young.

Maaan. Be careful who you meet on these streets. And no one wants to call them out for fear of looking stupid enough for having engaged them

Maybe one day Ms Waitherero (@doitbetty) will tell us what she and her family did to my friend.

Cos he’s now dead and can’t speak up.

He died of cancer 8 months later,” the thread concludes.

Moments after the scathing allegations, Ms Waitherero quickly fired back, arguing that it was the UK man who attacked her, and her son.

“You have some nerve.

There is an assault charge waiting for your dead pal. You and him both ran away from accountability, as he was the intruder who assaulted me and my son, we have evidence on video.

I’m not Joe who you keep harassing, and we can also talk about him too,” she tweeted.

Adding: “Try me bitch I can make threads also, beginning with who’s name is on your child’s birth certificate.”

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