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Seungkwan Illness: What happened to Seungkwan?

Fans of the popular K-pop group SEVENTEEN are in for a sad surprise.

The agency PLEDIS Entertainment has announced that one of the members, Seungkwan, will be taking a break from his activities due to health reasons.

Here’s everything you need to know about Seungkwan’s illness and how it will affect his future plans.

An image of Seungkwan: What happened to Seungkwan ?
What happened to Seungkwan? What is Seungkwan illness? These are some of the questions that this article will answer about the SEVENTEEN star who is on hiatus for his health | PHOTO SOURCE: Instagram

Who is Seungkwan?

Seungkwan is a South Korean singer and entertainer who debuted as a member of SEVENTEEN in 2015.

He is the main vocalist of the group and also a part of the vocal unit.

Seungkwan was born on January 16, 1998 in Busan, but moved to Jeju Island when he was young.

He has two older sisters and a pet dog named Bookkeu.

Seungkwan is known for his powerful voice, hilarious humor and charming personality.

He has participated in many singing competitions since he was a child, and was discovered by PLEDIS Entertainment through a video of him singing online.

Seungkwan is also very knowledgeable about K-pop history and trivia, earning him the nickname “Professor Boo” or “K-pop PhD”.

He has hosted several V Live shows where he introduces old K-pop songs to fans.

Seungkwan is also very active in variety shows, such as Amazing Saturday, King of Masked Singer, Running Man, Knowing Bros and more.

He is often praised for his witty remarks, quick reactions and funny expressions.

Seungkwan is also very friendly and sociable with other celebrities, making him a popular guest on many programs.

Seungkwan illness: What happened to Seungkwan?

According to the official statement from PLEDIS Entertainment, Seungkwan recently visited the hospital after feeling unwell.

The medical staff advised him to take the necessary time to rest and recover, as his condition was not good.

The agency did not reveal the exact nature of his illness, but fans are speculating that it could be related to his vocal cords, as he is known for his powerful singing skills.

How long will Seungkwan be sick?

The agency stated that Seungkwan will not be able to participate in upcoming events such as:

  • The Tencent Music Entertainment Award (TMEA) 2023
  • A fan signing event in China

These events are scheduled to take place in July and August, which means that Seungkwan will be absent for at least a month.

The agency also said that they will do their best to support Seungkwan so that he can greet fans again in good health.

However, they did not give a specific date for his return, leaving fans worried and anxious.

Seungkwan fans reaction

Fans of SEVENTEEN, affectionately known as Carats, have been showcasing their unwavering love and support for Seungkwan across various social media platforms.

In an outpouring of care, they have initiated trending hashtags like #GetWellSoonSeungkwan and #WeLoveYouSeungkwan, flooding him with heartfelt messages and urging him to prioritize his recovery.

Some have taken delight in sharing cherished moments and captivating performances by Seungkwan, emphasizing his remarkable talent and charismatic personality.

Amidst this display of adoration, certain fans have expressed concerns regarding Seungkwan’s well-being, critiquing the agency for potentially overworking him and neglecting his health.

These fervent supporters demand that PLEDIS Entertainment provides him with appropriate care, ample rest, and honors his desires.

How will Seungkwan hiatus affect SEVENTEEN?

SEVENTEEN is one of the most successful K-pop groups in the world, with 13 members who are divided into three sub-units: vocal, hip-hop and performance.

They are known for their self-produced music, synchronized choreography and diverse concepts.

SEVENTEEN recently released their ninth mini album “Attacca”, which topped various charts and sold over 2 million copies.

Without Seungkwan, SEVENTEEN will have to adjust their formations and distributions for their upcoming events.

It is unclear how they will cope with his absence, as he is an integral part of the group’s vocal line and variety shows.

Fans are hoping that the other members will stay healthy and happy, and that Seungkwan will make a full recovery soon.

Seungkwan disability

Seungkwan does not have any disability that we know of.

However, he has suffered from some injuries and health issues in the past that affected his activities.

In 2017, he injured his ankle during a concert rehearsal and had to perform on a wheelchair for some time.

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In 2020, he underwent surgery for a left ankle ligament injury and had to take a hiatus for two months.

Despite these hardships, Seungkwan has always shown his positive attitude and determination to recover and perform for his fans.

Why is Seungkwan called Professor Boo?

Seungkwan is called Professor Boo or K-pop PhD because of his extensive knowledge and passion for K-pop.

He can name the title, artist, album and release date of almost any K-pop song, especially from the second generation.

Seungkwan can also sing and dance to many songs from different genres and groups.

He often impresses people with his amazing memory and skills.

Seungkwan songs

As a member of SEVENTEEN, Seungkwan has participated in many songs that showcase his vocal abilities and emotions.

Some of his notable songs are:

  • Don’t Listen in Secret

A ballad song from SEVENTEEN’s third mini album “Going Seventeen”, where Seungkwan sings about the pain of unrequited love.

  • Habit

A vocal unit song from SEVENTEEN’s second full album “Teen,Age”, where Seungkwan sings about missing someone who has left him.

  • Hug

A vocal unit song from SEVENTEEN’s sixth mini album “You Made My Dawn”, where Seungkwan sings about wanting to comfort someone who is having a hard time.

  • Kidult

A song from SEVENTEEN’s seventh mini album “Heng:garae”, where Seungkwan sings about the struggles and dreams of young adults.

  • Home;Run

The title track from SEVENTEEN’s special album “; [Semicolon]”, where Seungkwan sings about finding happiness in everyday life.

  • Anyone

The title track from SEVENTEEN’s ninth mini album “Attacca”, where Seungkwan sings about being confident and fearless in love.

Seungkwan has also released some solo songs or collaborations with other artists, such as:

  • Mother

A solo song from SEVENTEEN’s first full album “Love & Letter”, where Seungkwan sings about his love and gratitude for his mother.

  • Chocolate

A collaboration song with GFRIEND’s Yuju for the project album “2017 Love Serenade”, where Seungkwan sings about the sweet feelings of love.

  • Just Do It

A sub-unit song with Hoshi and Vernon under the name BSS (BooSeokSoon), where Seungkwan sings about having fun and enjoying life.

  • Go

A collaboration song with Dino for SEVENTEEN’s project album “Director’s Cut”, where Seungkwan sings about chasing their dreams.

  • Come To Me

A solo song from SEVENTEEN’s second full album repackage “Director’s Cut”, where Seungkwan sings about wanting to be with someone who makes him happy.


Seungkwan is one of the most beloved idols in the K-pop industry, with his amazing voice, hilarious humor and charming personality.

He has touched many hearts with his music and laughter, and fans are eagerly waiting for him to come back stronger than ever.

We wish him all the best and hope he gets well soon!

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