Superior Homes housing project in the wild is land grab by another name

The planned Superior Homes ‘Lukenya Wildlife Estate’ that is to be built in the Swara Plains Conservancy, Machakos, is a land-grabbing venture.

The worst part is that it makes it mainstream; where the rogue and fraudulent natives are involved. Mixed with the existing British conmanship, Kenya is headed in the worst place.

Perhaps to understand why it is a land grab, it is better to borrow the words of Mordecai Ogada and John Mbaria in their book, “The Big CONservation Lie”.

Many Kenyans are unaware that the so-called WILDLIFE conservancies have grabbed land in Kenya that was freely used by the locals for hundreds of years to graze their livestock. This in turn has caused conflicts that have ended up in pain and death.

According to statistics, over 7 per cent of prime land where the Masais (this tribe was everywhere) used to graze their animals, stretching all the way from Baringo, through central Rift Valley to Northern Tanzania, and some which have huge mineral deposits, have been grabbed, under the guise of conservation.

What is not answered though, is how Masais and other tribes lived with those animals and plants for many years without depleting them such that it warrants protection by white people, who curiously, under them, the animals and plants are disappearing at an alarming rate.

These NGOs working in the CONservation industry have sabotaged govt policy, pushed for the diabolic hunting of animals for sport (killing for fun), and land grab.

Were the Soysambu Conservancy Giraffes led to their deaths or accidentally electrocuted?

The book names UNESCO, a UN agency that the 45th President of the United States Donald Trump banned.

UNESCO is showcased as a land-grabbing NGO which pronounces barren and potentially resourceful landmass in Kenya (and potentially elsewhere in the world) as World Heritage sites, which in turn mean, that white people are the only ones who will be allowed to move in, construct lodges, and commercially exploit the land as natives are pushed out of their lands.


How they grab land

These descendants of British from the lower class moved away from Nairobi’s Karen area to Laikipia, and now due to pressure from contemporary Kenyans are planning to move south coast. Mark you that the lands they leave behind are put in Trust, as they gain more. The announcement on the findings of an ancient cave at Panga Saidi at the Kenyan coast just shows how land grabs happen.

The 6th of May 2021 news has been repeated in all the major international news agencies, respected university websites and newspapers controlled by these land grabbers. “Cave site in Kenya reveals the oldest human burial in Africa”, the headlines screamed.

The Superior Homes’s new venture at Swara Conservancy stinks of elitist mentality by natives to continue the plunder of their resources, land grab and deaths.

Shiv Arora CEO, Superior Homes

In the book The Big CONservation Lie, the authors reveal that conservancies also mostly grab land due to the mineral deposits underneath. Most Kenyans don’t know this. Read books, please. Well-researched books.

It says the Russians mapped Kenya’s mineral deposits in the 1940s; and when the British took over, they not only grabbed fertile agricultural lands but also, in the modern days, the conservancies by some sheer cunning ways, announce a new plant species going extinct in let’s say Wajir County, and that they need protection.

They then drive animals, mostly those under the endangered category to that place, to whip emotions and get huge donor funds, through the way of fake stories and emotive 4K pictures, and fence off lands from the locals.

What is usually not said is the mineral deposits of oil, etc that is beneath the soil.

The location of the conservancies follows the pattern of the Russian maps for mineral deposits. It is the Chinese that upset this apple cart of secrecy, some by accident while undertaking the infrastructure projects.

In 8-4-4, you were taught that Kenya only has Flouspar, Magadi soda and some gold. But the Chinese dug up and we found titanium, Coal and many more. It was by accident and the British and Americans didn’t like it a bit.

Superior Homes must stop this nonsense.

Let’s develop livable cities and towns, complete with good roads, drainage, electricity, schools, banks and security instead of engaging in foolish errands.

Kenya’s real estate is propped up by illicit money from Somalia and Sudan (as per The Sentry – a watchdog group founded by Hollywood actor George Clooney), this is why despite many empty high-rise buildings, the sector has not collapsed.

But soon.

We call upon Kenyans to stop aiding in these land grabs and instead help agitate for better living conditions in the existing centres, towns and cities.

About the author

Karecha Kamaris

Karecha Kamaris is the space between earth and heaven, the gap between ice and fire, the elementary molecule that justifies unending peace in the sea of turmoil. An 'appetite for adventure over the love of ease'.

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