Technicians Protest Mistreatment By AutoXpress Kenya

Jeenal Shah: Director at AutoXpress Kenya

A group of disgruntled servicemen contracted by a leading importer and distributor of car parts have come out to protest what they term as blatant mistreatment by their employer.

Speaking out on behalf of voiceless colleagues, an insider within AutoXpress Kenya has blown the whistle on a myriad of irregularities being perpetrated by the current rogue management that is alleged to be blatantly promoting nepotism and tribalism.

In this regard, one top official – the Human Resource (HR) Manager identified as Dickson Nyambori – is adversely accused of practising open bias toward members of his community who are often rewarded with promotions and salary increments.

The rest can only painfully watch.

Dickson Nyambori: Group Head of Human Capital at AutoXpress Limited

One of Nyambori’s most loyal lieutenants is an Asian “yes man” known as Nishit, a name that this author finds remarkably ironic.

He carries out his dirty orders and reports “rebels” to him.

Impunity is also rife at the company.

Retrenchments are carried out without proper adherence to strict guidelines by the law.

The unhappy staff from the Technicians Department have also expressed their dissatisfaction over the poor treatment they are accorded by senior executives who order them around like school prefects.

The cabal of toxic female Branch Managers strategically appointed by management for easier manipulation is also reported to be wreaking havoc at the firm.

Recently, employees at the company were left protesting in hushed tones after Mombasa Road Branch Manager Margaret Awuor allegedly orchestrated the unfair dismissal of a long-serving employee based on trumped-up charges.

Despite more than 10 years of loyal service to AutoXpress, he was chased out like an unwanted street dog.

Reason being?

He developed health issues and they, therefore, branded him as some sort of liability who needed to be permanently taken out of the picture.

“Hi Nyakundi

I have an issue I would like you to address about a company that is biased towards its employees and promotes certain tribes.

The company is named AutoXpress Kenya.

Impunity at its best and retrenchment without proper law procedure.

Staff are demoted like school prefects, poor salaries and technicians live from hand to mouth yet the firm brags to be the market leader in East Africa.

There’s is a Jaluo Human Resource (HR) manager who is so biased and tribal.

He only makes sure only certain tribes get salary increments.

Brothers do your investigation it’s not a mere accusation so many employees are frustrated right now.

Dickson Nyambori and another cartel of women Branch managers.

This is a company that appoints ladies as managers so that the top can be able to manipulate the staff.

Nyambori is the Head of HR and another mhindi called Nishit.

Technicians live in deplorable conditions.

Mombasa Road Branches are the worst headed by one Margret Awour.

They transfer staff to new branches without salary increments or proper reviews.

I have a sibling who worked for 11 years for the company.

But they still looked and found excuses to retrench him because he started to develop health problems,

Help us find justice” the source writes.

AutoXpress is a leading retailer of tyres, auto parts and accessories in the East African Market.

They have worked with cooperate giants like Safaricom, Kenya power and Delmonte among others.

With an extensive network of 50+ outlets across Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda, one can only wonder what the rest could be quietly going through.

If you are one of them, do not suffer in silence.

This platform, founded on boldness and truth, is a safe and free space for you to open up.

The anonymity of our sources is always guaranteed.

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