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The Women Shollei Bedded At Standard – Part 2

Many Kalenjins are world beating athletes, Shollei is no different. He is famed for his marathons and his conquests says the man can easily do 1:59 challenge. During an eating session, he will only stop briefly to sip water as he chews his girl. His mode of operation was simple. Wine her, dine her, then eat her.

The man had more than ten women he was chewing at his work place, and probably kept an intricate diary of his women’s menses so that his erection wont be stopped by a bloodly ‘rodblock’.
But its weird that a man who could efficiently keep track of all his women couldn’t bring the same skills to the work place. He sometimes forgot to diarise his meetings, came to the office drunk like Tony Gachoka, he skipped work, and basically, saw Standard as a place to harvest honeypots. The share holders could fuck off, since he was already fucking their business.

Gladys Boss Shollei Chases Randy Husband Sam From Matrimonial Home

Shollei didn’t bring down Standard, he shafted it to death. The man who was a bull between the sheets, was bullshit when it came to running a plc.
And that was just the foreplay, lets get into the depth of this tale. Shollei’s conquests.

1.Betty K- Betty comes from the dry, arid and dusty Ukambani so people think she squirts dust during sex. Shollei proved otherwise. He drunkenly told a colleague that the girl can squirt a jug of water. Shollei was an explorer. He discovered virgin thighland overflowing with honey, and firm boobs. He was in the land of milk and honey. He colonized that body the way the British colonized India. Ruthlessly.  Like King Leopold, he started carting away all the sweetness. He chewed her like sugarcane. He dropped her when she no-longer had juice. Joho picked up the bagasse to eat.

2. Carol. After Shollei tasted the wild honey from Ukambani in Betty, he made a beeline to sting a woman from the same region. Newly recruited into his hive was Carol. He lusted after her, and to last at Standard Group, poor girl gave in. She was seduced in a record six seconds and she gave a resounding YEEEEES, DRILL ME.  The drill master obliged. With a beautiful face, ever ready smile and gap tooth, nice boobs and a good bottom, she became food for the god that ran Standard. She was regularly sacrificed in Shollei’s altar. The girl was then promoted.

3. Doreen M. Her boobs were the most significant thing about her. Her huge jugs should have been her brains. Her Over Shoulder Boulder Holder (that is bra, to you mere mortals) can go round KICC twice. A fairly good-looking woman in her youth, that’s 20 years ago, she harassed young girls her team, leaving poor girls in tears. She shouted at them in public, abused them in front of clients. She ran roughshod over any enemy, real or perceived. The current Standard Group CEO who was then the CFO several times faced her wrath. Doreen would get her per diem, budgets and other fictitious invoices, bypass the CFO and take it straight to Shollei who would approve faster than Doreen could say, ‘mwaga ndani, niko safe’ and order the accountants to release the money. And if you dared challenge her, she would confront you.   Throw her weight, bringing her rack to your face as if she wanted to smoother you with her weapons of mass distraction. Her mammaries were toys for the god who ran Standard. Her thighs were his playground. Workers suffered under her, and its understandably because she also  suffered, sorry, her genitals also suffered under Shollei’s marathons.

4. Sharon M. There is a reason Kisiis circumcise women. It is because of women like Sharon. She behaved like she was born with a spare vagina. If one got worn out, she would replace it. It was her duty in the world was to satisfy horny rich men. She was an active and willing member of Shollei’s harem. Lets not focus on how she slept with both a mzungu father and son to get the Mercedes she drives, this story isnt about her. Its about Shollei. She is a sad case. As part of the executive committee, a section of us had discussed Sharon as a bright , driven and  brilliant journalist who should be in management trainee programe in case Standard started one, and she would have made it in life without trading with the most intimate part of her body. Sharon would have risen to head a media house but she threw the chance away for the sake of strokes.She forgot that power can temporarily reside between her things, but its better if it  permanently resides in her brains. She has the brains.

5. Sofia- The petite lass was untouchable. What can a manager tell her yet a few hours ago she was milking the CEO’s nuts dry? She had seen the king naked. There is nothing anyone could tell her. This is a story about Shollei’s harem, so we wont go into details of Sofia’s other clients like Murathe, Jimmy, Sifuna, Gecaga and other moneyed men. Such information belongs to gutter press like The Nairobian, which incidentally, was Shollei’s brain child. A brilliant journalist she is. An awesome tight thing she has, according to the people who know her in and out. She is another sad case. A woman who stopped being a good before the microphone and camera to be good kneeling down before a phallus and on her back being impaled by the Kalenjin spear. Sofia is a brilliant journalist that need rehab. Can someone call Sex Anonymous?

6. Irene- This is the saddest case at Standard. She is bright, driven, and can deliver. She didnt need to be part of the harem. She had already broken the glass ceiling. She is a lady, very different from the slay queens she was sharing dick with. Executives in her department respect her, others despise her because she pushed them too hard to meet impossible targets and was responsible for a skewed commission payment plan. The industry players know that she is good at what she does. One day when we were in a strategy and drinks meeting at XS Millionaires  Club, (which type of CEO takes a strategy meeting to a strip club?), Gladys turned up unannounced to see who was chewing her husbands money. She then laid a rule that they must have joint account so that she can control how much money Shollei uses in chasing skirts.

7. Faith- She was Shollei defacto wife at the office. Only she could calm the god when he became enraged at the burnt sacrifices other women offered him. Her thighs lulled him, her boobs soothed him. Between her thighs, he found peace (piss?), he found heaven, a home he could cum in any time.

8. The girl from online- When Shollei saw the big behind the student from Mount Kenya University carried, he swore that he must scale that mountain. He did, reached the peak and sank into the moist depths until he erupted like a volcano. Unlike other women, she didnt get anything, just a few years contract and some pocket money so that she could go treat her boyfriend. But her case is different. She was a university student, young and naive. Shollei showed her a world she had never seen. She was coerced into the relationship.

Some women at Standard were like an ever grinding conveyor belt for STI’s. Nyakundi has a big heart, and therefore wont mention the names of five other women who are married or in serious relationships but were still having gland to gland combat with Shollei. Two of the women have already left the company. This blog doesn’t want to be accused of breaking marriages. To the five women, you have been spared. Your dignity has been left intact. Your nakedness has been covered.  Go forth and sin no more. For Pete’s sake woman, if married, keep your legs closed.

Part Three.

Shollei may be gone, but the chewing culture is still prevalent. We will tell you of a senior executive who flew a Kamba woman, and a woman from procurement to Dubai for an orgy. We have the tickets, hotel bookings and all the evidence.

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