Tracee Ellis Ross Parents- Inside The Lives of Music Icons, Diana Ross and Robert Ellis Silberstein

An image of Tracee Ellis Ross's Parents, Diana Ross and Robert Ellis Silberstein
An image of Tracee Ellis Ross’s Parents, Diana Ross and Robert Ellis Silberstein/PHOTO: Facebook

Think about Tracee Ellis Ross – she’s like a big deal in fashion and comedy.

Do you know who played a big part in making her awesome?

Her mom, Diana Ross, a famous singer, and her dad, Robert Ellis Silberstein, know a lot about the music business.

This article delves into the profound influence these parents have had on shaping Tracee’s remarkable journey.

Diana Ross

An image of Diana Ross
An image of Diana Ross/PHOTO: Facebook

Diana Ross, a super famous name in music history, is more than just Tracee’s mom.

She’s like a superstar, a voice that has impressed lots of people with its soulful power and timeless coolness.

Starting from her early days with The Supremes to her solo singing career with hits like “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” and “I Will Survive,” Diana loves music, and it’s a big part of her life.

This love for music also rubbed off on Tracee, shaping how she sees the world and lighting up her creative side.

Their mom-daughter connection is like a really strong friendship with lots of love and support.

Diana is super proud of everything Tracee does, always cheering her on and being there to give advice and celebrate the good stuff.

In one interview that touched hearts, Tracee said:

“My mom taught me how powerful my voice is, both in words and in life. She showed me to believe in myself and my dreams, and to go after them with lots of passion and being true to myself.”

Robert Ellis Silberstein

An image of Robert Ellis Silberstein, and his daughter Tracee Ellis Ross
An image of Robert Ellis Silberstein, and his daughter Tracee Ellis Ross/PHOTO: Instagram

While Diana was the big star, Robert Ellis Silberstein quietly made success happen from the backstage world of music management.

He worked with big names like Billy Preston and Rufus.

His smart business skills and always being super professional earned him lots of respect in the music world.

He knew all the tricky stuff about the industry, and that helped Tracee.

It gave her a strong base to handle all the complicated parts of showbiz.

But Silberstein wasn’t just about money smarts.

He believed in working hard and being fair.

This rubbed off on Tracee, and she learned to work hard and be a good negotiator too.

Tracee herself says:

“My dad taught me how contracts work, how to stand up for myself, and to always go for fairness. These lessons helped me build a successful career and stay true to my artistic side.

A Tapestry Woven with Two Threads

An image of Tracee Ellis Ross
An image of Tracee Ellis Ross/PHOTO: Instagram

Diana’s love for making cool art and Robert’s smart business skills made a special mix that shaped Tracee’s life.

She’s got this amazing thing on the screen, and she’s not scared to try out wild styles – just like her mom and dad.

Tracee is like a superhero who’s awesome both in the acting world and the business world.

It’s all thanks to the cool stuff her parents passed on to her.

You can totally see their influence in everything she does.

When she’s playing Rainbow Johnson on “Black-ish,” Tracee brings in her mom’s funny timing and her dad’s smart business moves.

The character she creates is both super funny and strong-willed.

Even in the clothes she picks, she mixes bright, fun colours with classy style, kind of like how her mom had a good sense of rhythm and her dad knew how to dress for success.


Tracee Ellis Ross is not merely a product of talent and hard work; she is the living embodiment of parental support and unwavering guidance.

Her story is a testament to the power of family, where the music of one parent and the business acumen of another weave together to create a symphony of success.

Tracee Ellis Ross’s journey is just beginning, but the fingerprints of her parents are etched within every step she takes.

Their influence, like a melody woven into the fabric of her being, serves as a constant reminder of the power of family and the enduring legacy of love and support.

And as Tracee continues to shine her light on the world, one can only imagine the breathtaking chapters yet to be written in this remarkable family saga.


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