Unemployment: AMPATH PLUS Plans To Fire Staff For Failing To Get HIV Positive Clients

International Development such as done by the donor and other organizations as the United Nations (UN), Department for International Development (DFID), World Bank, Save the Children, OXFAM, Red Cross depends on crisis in order to survive.

The bad thing is that this dependence on crisis has often led to ‘cooked up’ crisis so that the employees can keep their jobs and also for the Western Countries to spy on countries they are working in. On this article, I would like to base my arguments on the former.

For example, the UN has been calling on eradication of conflicts and poverty for over 70 years but poverty and conflict seem worse now than it was then.

How comes they never eradicated poverty?

How comes HIV infections in Nyanza/Western Kenya are not reported to have reduced even in a region that has more Non-governmental Organizations working in that area of reproductive health than any other per square kilometer in Kenya.

The answer is simple: they are using false figures to attract donor funding so as to keep their jobs.

Truth is, Nyanza is not even having an HIV scourge as much as it is being reported. Nyanza people just need economic empowerment as the rest of Kenya. For that reason, real data about HIV prevalence and infections are ‘cooked’.

They cook  figures, to paint crisis so that they can continue having a job. The world is psycho.

In a fucked up system, the Kenyatta plantation masters keep Kenyans oppressed on the other hand, with no economic or social mobility.

In recent days, this blog has exposed the issue of health extension workers being pressed to get two or more HIV positive patients so as to keep their jobs.

One mamager at LVCT Health, one of the pioneers in the Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) initiative in Kenya, was quoted as telling staff that they risk losing their jobs if they don’t ‘bring’ more HIV positive clients. The reason being, US President Trump administration has cut funding and they need numbers to attract more funding.

Sound legit.

But can the world run as better place, where Monsdanto is not trying to poison whole populations to death and on the other hand the UN through their World Health Organisation (WHO) playing like it care by acting like it is concenred?

What the fuck in this world, where the government will agree to approve injurious medicines to its citixzens yet at the same time send representatives to conferences on counterfeit goods?

The fucked up system is the one at play in the HIV/AIDS testing and management in Kenya.

The shift has come and people are more careful in the age of Prep (pre-exposure prophylaxis) and PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis).

In this age, even with the past cooking of figures, it looks like this is not a ‘lucrative’ world anymore.

Ebola is being tested in lads across the western nations, they want a strain that will give them money as HIV and AIDS did.

Cancer kills faster and that is not a good weapon for making money. Ebola trials are ongoing ans maybe money will be made in this frontier. Africans and their corrupt government will be as usual, the Guinea-pigs.

What a fucked up diabolic system. DEATH TO BIG PHARMA.

Here below a complain from one of the people working in the HIV/AIDS testing and management sector on the impending job loss due to not finding new yields (HIV positive clients).

Hello Nyakundi,

I’m quite stressed out as people I know are on the verge of losing their jobs at AMPATH PLUS. Reason being there are no new HIV/AIDS patients in their areas of work.

They are confused as they are supposed to be helping to prevent more infections. So I was wondering is this organization supposed to be preventing or advocating for HIV.

Kindly could you help me find out what’s really going on.


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