How EACC Director Halakhe Waqo Was Bribed by Kenya Pipeline Managers To Kill Scandal Investigations

Caption : High-Density email sent to Various Government agencies including Halakhe Waqo and Copied to Chief Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi. Waqo ignored all Kenya Pipeline Company Dossiers sent to him after receiving Bribes from John Ngumi. Ngumi is being Shielded by Energy Cabinet Secretary Charles Keter. 

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) Chairman Halakhe Waqo was paid off millions of shillings to ignore a letter detailing how Kenya Pipeline Company Directors plus senior staff have been conspiring to Loot Billions from the State Owned Corporation

If you are a keen observer you will see that no media house has actually followed the Multibillion Scandals at Kenya Pipeline Company because Kenya Pipeline company is a big advertising spender, every editor and business journalist has been bribed to kill this story and we are the only medium that has boldly serialized their underhand tactics to steal from poor Kenyans.

As we in look back on where the country lost direction, we will remember that journalists in Kenya have been the biggest impediment and are accessories to the crimes committed. They are the fourth arm of Government and functionaries of the status-quo.

To news sources out there, don’t trust mainstream media, don’t trust Jubilee operatives like Ory Okolloh. Send us all details that media have refused to run, and we will air without fear of favor.

In the Name of Which God ? : Corrupt Wanker Mr. Halakhe Waqo during the swearing-in ceremony. He has overseen rise of corruption by using all corruption Scandals to extort . EACC also sells Whistleblowers information leading to the murder of some whistleblowers.

Mr. Halakhe Waqo
Dear Sir,
6th October 2016


We hope this communication reaches you promptly and that you act before it becomes too late to salvage KENYA PIPELINE COMPANY from the mega corruption it is facing. We have in the past assisted your organization with the happenings plus information about corruption at KPC but some of your officers Led by the then Lead Investigator Mr. Abdi who was transferred my former chairman Mr. Kinisu was compromised by the corruption cartels running at KPC that has entrenched to a level that is chronic and is almost like cancer. It’s a total disaster.

KPC has a disaster in the name of corruption. It’s so disappointing that the war on corruption at KPC was compromised and with all the reported mega scandals your officers only prosecuted the case of 27 Million about transformers sourced from Red Line. They overlooked all the other cases where hundreds of millions were looted worse than NYS. We saw you the other day on television giving details of how money was lost at NYS, and we wonder why you don’t have the same zeal when it comes to KPC.
Sir, we shall just point to your case by case of the issues we presented to your officers and if possible have them re-looked because EACC officers were bribed and currently they are only investigating two cases which have not been finalized. Secondly, we don’t understand why such simple investigations can be carried out for periods more than one year. The investigation is not nuclear science, and these were issues that should have been prosecuted in less than a month. There was nothing that was to be obtained from foreign governments but simple investigations which we believe if they were handed over to DCI would have done at least a better job.



Sir this case was reported to your office at Integrity Centre. EACC investigators reported to KPC and even took the original files. We gave you evidence how prices were inflated to a tune of Ten times above market prices. This company forged the letter purported to have been signed by the manufacturers in Canada appointing them as their agents in Kenya. This company was paid using a letter of credit when it’s a local company outright abuse of office by the then MD (Charles Tanui) and Finance Manager (Samuel Mikwa Odoyo) we gave EACC all these copies.

Money was cashed at National Bank with some KPC staff Antipas Tirop and Lamik Rotich representing the then MD, and you have all that information. We gave you the names of all the people involved in this scandal Senior Managers at KPC plus Engineers. We gave you evidence how this company is operated by Mr. Francis Amina Juma a welder and staff at KPC. EACC is holding the file in this case as it intends to prosecute people but to date, it’s still pending.

Wondering whether this will be covered like the other cases. The supplier was paid 40% of the money without making any delivery (abuse of office). The supplier did supply fabricated items that were dumped at KPC Go-Downs which have never been inspected to date. The balances have never been paid due to the fraud that was involved, but you believe it or not senior officers at KPC want the money paid and by the happenings, it shall be paid.

Remember this company gave a fake office location which EACC visited and established to be false. Briefcase companies like the ones were involved NYS SCAM. The current management and Board should be investigated and punished for abuse of office in this case. They were informed but covered up for all the perpetrators of this heinous crime. Most of the culprits were promoted, and some are General Managers Now. KPC will lose over 400 Million if this scandal is allowed( The Money was Later Lost ). Remember this company has never paid any taxes and is under KRA investigation as the directors are on the run. They are located at Lunga Lunga House industrial area, but they abandoned offices after KRA was on their case. This is a far-reaching economic crime.


This was another scandal reported to EACC where your officers have the procurement file. This is the same kind of scheme like the one for the airport pit valves. We gave you all details. Use of letters of credit to abuse payments. 60% of payments were drawn before any delivery was made. Exaggerated prices by over 1000% a unit with a cost of USD 800 sold to KPC at USD 10,000 (Madness only at KPC).

We gave you the contacts of the parent company in America for an independent confirmation plus phone numbers. Money was also cashed at National Bank of Kenya using same schemes. This company has never remitted any taxes to KRA. How can a company like KPC deal with these enterprises yet it can source same specialized items from manufacturers? Are these not economic crimes or what justifies economic crimes? All the people involved in these scandals are seated in KPC offices with the promotion.

They are having flats and properties that should be recovered and auctioned and money remitted to treasury like the cases EACC is handling at NYS among others. EACC should conduct lifestyle audit of the people involved in these scandals that we gave your officers one by one. Due diligence was not carried out on evaluation as the Tender Evaluation teams were all part of this scheme. This scheme was orchestrated by Mr. Francis Juma and Procurement Manager Nicholas Gitobu who has specialized in insider trading, but he is covered by top management and directors when they have full knowledge of same.

Caption : Copy of Daily Nation 15/01/2017. Waqo was alerted about this Saga but ignored after receiving bribes from Kenya Pipeline Board through John Ngumi . He would have saved the Loss of all these monies 

3. Payment of 100,000,000 for Spinning Rotors

It’s sorrowful that KPC officers lied to EACC that this procurement was not done. Payment was made by the current MD after DPP office rejected the file because these items were not procured. False the current CEO has already made this payment, and you should tell your officers to move with speed and confirm with KPC SAP system. Payments have been made and money lost. Secondly, all people involved should be charged with fraud.

Sir these are just some of many cases reported to EACC that your officers have turned a blind eye on after you received bribes to seal your ears. Hundreds of Millions the Team of Directors has looted billions, Senior Managers and Engineers and cartels all working for KPC. It’s a duty for EACC to investigate and charge all perpetrators. It’s somber that your officers even gave the names of the people who provided information to EACC that the current KPC management and board have used to victimize suspected staff. Some are already dismissed. It’s sorrowful EACC officers can divulge names of people when they know we have established legal framework for the protection of whistleblowers.

Caption : In Kenya, Agencies like EACC sell information Whistleblowers  give them to Cartels like Kenya Pipeline Companies Looters that Later use the information to intimidate or even Murder the Whistleblowers. Kenya is the worst country to be a Whistleblower.



Sir when we highlighted this case it was ignored due to political pressure. But now it’s a reality that this is one of the worst fraud cases in Kenyan history. This contract was awarded without due process, and it may haunt the Country at large in many years to come.
Sir, we will highlight issues to you that should either make EACC wake up from its slumber and move with speed and cushion Kenyan taxpayers before it is too late.

a) Zakhem has been blacklisted in several countries. This is public information, and you can Google. KPC engineers knew this fact. Engineer Billy Aseka who was chairing the evaluation team was given this information about this blacklisting, but ignored. As the corrupt cartels say it there was a lot of pressure from above? Where ? they should tell you.

b) Zakhem, the company, awarded had not performed any pipeline works anywhere five years before being awarded this particular tender in Kenya. Simple! They did not have the capacity to undertake such works. Companies with experience and ability were overlooked at the expense of Zakhem. There were many companies from Europe and Even Chinese companies with capacity and ability who were overlooked but Tanui and his team of Evaluators and Tender Committee. All involved parties should be prosecuted and held personally liable for this mistake.

c) Zakhem has previously abandoned projects in Algeria, Botswana, Nigeria, and Mauritius among other countries. Confirm this on Google it’s public information. KPC engineers and management knew of this and still awarded the tender. This company may even abandon the Kenya project and expose KPC and the country to losses beyond reproach and comprehension. Once Zakhem is paid the said variations which are being fronted despite poor performance may abandon the project. Its also important for EACC to note that this company has been paid for procurement milestones nearly 100%. Letters of Credits have been raised, and amounts were drawn.

d) The evaluation of this tender was supposed to be undertaken by the consultant appointed to supervise the project. But KPC Management went ahead and appointed its engineers to conduct an evaluation of the same. Kindly ask for the contract awarded to the consultant and confirm the same. The assessment was a task for the expert. The consultant had flown his Engineers to Kenya to undertake the evaluation, but the greed at KPC could not allow that. The consultant invoiced for the same as it was part of his contract and was paid. That’s abuse of office that should not be condoned.

e) This tender was evaluated and awarded the same day. Only angles can carry an evaluation of tender documents more than 100 pages and award same day. Interest from the MD ( John Ngumi) office was enormous. Pointers to the corruption in this scam.

Caption : Kenya Pipeline Company Chairman John Ngumi with Energy and Petroleum Cabinet Secretary Charles Keter. Keter Is shielding John Ngumi and the corrupt Kenya Pipeline Company Board despite being aware of Mega Looting and Plunder.

f) The variation of the project from 16 Inch to 20 Inch is another factor that should be investigated, and those culpable including Charles Tanui and the board held to account. This made the contractual cost vary from a possibility of 25 Billion to 45 Billion. The loss the country has been exposed to this particular project is beyond imagination.

g) The project was supposed to be commissioned by His Excellency the project in February 2016. The current board and management even reconstituted project management teams and indicated the project would be completed in September 2016. Sir, it begs all of us with sound minds. This contractor did not have the capacity to undertake this project, and that’s why it’s lagging behind.

Even the Pumps that were to be supplied have not been delivered to date. Pipe welding has not been finalized pipes are lying all over the roadside and in the parks. Trenching has not been fully undertaken. The stations are below expected levels of construction. Items paid for and were supposed to have been delivered by now remains undelivered.

KPC board attempted to source for a project manager and even made an advertisement in the local dailies for the same. This is fraud while they knew that there is a consultant gobbling over 2billion on consultant fees.

How do you explain appointing a project manager yet there is a consultant. Thirdly KPC has a capacity of well-trained engineers who can supervise such projects, yet they are not utilized. People were siphoning funds through dubious payments.

Sir Halakhe, this contractor is asking for a variation 10 Billion shillings due to change of timelines that KPC management and board have agreed to which has not been even taken to procurement process as required. Let KPC management and Board chaired by Mr. John Ngumi explain how such a variation on a single project can be accepted. Its either the contractor does not have the capacity to deliver or KPC management cannot supervise such project. These monies should not be paid at any cost.

And if monies are to be paid KPC board and Top management should be disbanded. KPC management and board are aware of the fact that the contractor was not taking instructions from KPC engineers yet the delays. This was planned in advance so that KPC can pay variations for delays. Who should be held responsible for this mess? Why did the former Project Manager Kiama Resign? He saw the mess and frustrations of the project which top management ignored. The realities have checked in now. The company is staring at losses due to an ineptitude management and corrupt practices that resulted in awarding of such a tender to the company that cannot deliver.

This is pure corruption, to say the least. The contractor failed to mobilize the project on time. KPC management failed to supervise this project adequately. An agreement of contract extension was granted but still the project has not been achieved. Taxpayers will lose over 10 Billion due to the corruption and inefficiency of current management. Why should people be in office if such loss can occur due to cartels running the organization? What morals do people have if this money is paid to Zakhem?

A board committee was constituted to oversee this project so Mr. Ngumi should not blame management. He is part of it. It’s a total failure in KPC.

What about if this money is paid to Zakhem and he abandons the project as he has done in other countries? Where will KPC be, factoring there is a Loan to repay to several financial institutions?
If the government does not get involved this project is going to cost the country over 60Billion, and it may render KPC insolvent, and it is bound to collapse.

Sir, the corruption at KPC, is not only chronic but cancerous. This project has interest from KPC top Management to the board level. This contract was advertised and even won by Siemens Kenya Limited a subsidiary of Siemens International. A Limited company registered in Germany. A site Kick-off meeting was held at KPC premises. Siemens even obtained performance bonds for this particular contract.

The happenings now at KPC spearheaded by current management are even more worrying. The cartels at KPC demanded an upfront Kickbacks of 200,000,000(million), Yes kick back demanded. Siemens is a well-established company, and its capacity is know all over the world. The contracts undertaken by Siemens are big and can be tracked from their website.

The contract was even signed by Gloria Khafafa and Engineer Aseka with the CEO only remaining to sign.
Sir, Siemens appealed the case at PPOA where KPC lost but no direction on the issue was given, and that’s why the conflict of KPC top management and PPOA senior executives should be investigated. KPC engineers who were part of the kick-off meeting have been reprimanded for swearing affidavits to the contrary but they have refused. Why because corruption wants to cover up the issue with top managers involved.

Sir, you can contact Siemens representatives on how they got kickback demands from cartels pretending to be working at the behest of who is who in these corrupt deals. Even as late as October 2016 Mr. Antipas Tirop was calling a Siemens representatives asking for a truce between KPC and Siemens so that the CEO can sign the contract. Is this not corruption? Why should KPC MD fail to sign a valid contract with the reputable company yet he can sign variations for quacks like Zakhem who are not able to deliver?

Sir, the corruption at KPC, is chronic and if not checked KPC will become another Refinery, railways or the Telkom’s of the history or even the Kenya airways of the current Kenya where senior manager and directors messed a blue chip which is languishing in debts and facing closure.

This is simply because of greed and impunity. People want to make easy and quick money at the expense of the country at large. People are stealing without any checks. Current KPC board and management have punished any dissenting voice.

That’s abuse of office. We are your customers. Without us, EACC will not have leads to corruption, and it’s only fair that EACC acts on issues pointed and not cover-ups. EACC staff should not give information on whistleblowers as this is against the law. The DPP should order for an investigation into these economic crimes. KPC has staff who have multi-millions assets and SUVs. We can provide information on these assets for an effective lifestyle audit and verifications. But all the employees involved in the scandals provided are mega millionaires if not billionaires.

Let EACC review these crimes committed at KPC. Corruption does not age. A crime is a crime, and nothing prevents EACC from investigating corrupt practices and also examines the connections with PPOA. Conflict of interest of PPOA appeals board members with KPC. Some are lawyers practicing for KPC like Gicheru.

We should all fight corruption. It is killing our nation under the disguise of projects that are executed for personal interest and not corporate interest. The effects will be felt in years to come. We keep quiet, and Condon corruption is a de-service to this country.

Concerned KPC Whistle Blowers. It’s up to EACC to punish culprits at KPC involved in crime despite the level or one’s community or relationships with who is who in government. We have all been challenged to give details of any corrupt deals in government offices which we have.
The Ball is in your court as CEO EACC, Stop taking Bribes and Act Now to be on the right side of history.

Let’s all change Kenya

About the author

Cyprian, Is Nyakundi

Cyprian is a blogger who has an interest in politics, news, current affairs, people and anything that is of interest to society. My aim is to inform and update readers with the most accurate information.

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