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Impunity : Besieged EADB Crook Boss Vivienne Apopo Issues death threats to Staff.


CAPTION: Email sent to international lenders, Authorities  and partners detailing corruption at EADB and copied to Chief Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi.

We have always asked the Priest turned CBK Boss to do something about the Rot in the banking industry, but it looks like he thinks he is the best because the corrupt Kenyan media that he has bribed is doing PR for him presenting him as the best revolutionary Kenya has ever had.

Look at the East African Development Scandal.What are the relevant institutions doing to stop the Rot that is threatening to bring down the bank under Crook Vivienne Yeda Apopo?

Who in Kenya is protecting Vivienne Yeda Apopo despite mountains of evidence confirming she is a criminal? Can the Kenyan national treasury stop protecting thieves ?


CAPTION: Kamau Thugge, Principle Secretary, Ministry of Finance. He is currently sitting on documents detailing how the Director General of East African Development Bank (EADB) is looting it to the ground.

3rd October, 2016

Dear Dr. Kamau Thugge,

Chairman Board of Directors of EADB


We are baffled because given all the information provided to you and all the other board members including the Governing Council members, our plea has fallen on deaf ears. The fact that you have not taken any action, the situation at the Bank has moved from worse to worst. The environment at the Bank is very tense and delicate. We are aware that Vivienne has convinced you that she is the only person who can manage this Bank. Vivienne cannot work with people and cannot manage people. She is heading this Bank on behalf of Kenya Government, which we are also surprised that despite all these embarrassing revelations about the actions of Vivienne at the Bank, the Kenyan Government has not recalled their person. If the Kenyan Government thinks she is a very valuable individual, for sure the Government of Kenya should be able to deploy her somewhere else where she can work as long as she is not meant to manage people and funds.

We continue bringing to your attention the unfortunate events that are unfolding at the Bank under directives from Vivienne herself, while the board continues to do nothing and simply watch on. Is the Board waiting to see bloodshed and that is when they will react?

The Bank has several policies in place as approved by the board but most of them are used for Vivienne’s personal interest, these policies are never communicated to staff members and as indicated in our previous communications, these policies are never applied. She keeps the policies only to be applied in her favour when the need arises, so that she is protected.


Caption : Vivienne Yeda Apopo, Crook EADB Boss who is now under the spotlight for issuing death threats and intimidating Staff

The Bank has a whistle blowing protection and complaints management policy in place, but this policy has been a private and confidential document which was only communicated formerly to staff on the 14th September 2016 after staff complained that they needed to know their rights whenever there was whistle blowing. According to the policy, the Bank is supposed to have an arbitration tribunal and an Ombudsman, who staff can reach out to in case they are aggrieved. Vivienne kept the policy confidential to stop staff from reaching out to the Ombudsman and the arbitration tribunal in cases where we have had issues. Even when the policy was shared last month, information like who the Ombudsman is, and who comprises arbitration tribunal remained confidential. According to the policy, there is supposed to be a hotline which staff members can confidentially use to reach out to the Ombudsman in case they are aggrieved. Not hotline was shared with staff. This implies that staff have not been given a fair opportunity to express themselves. The board should not wonder why staff members took extreme measures, because we dint have any other avenue after the known route where the internal auditor brings issues to the attention of the board, did not yield any results since all issues raised by internal audit were ignored by the board.

On the morning of 27th September 2016, Vivienne for the first time called for a staff meeting. Staff assembled in the meeting room not sure what the agenda of the meeting was. Vivienne later walked into the room, she first switched off the lights so that staff members cannot look her in the face because of her guilt. She addressed staff in a manner that was threatening and intimidating to staff. It’s during this meeting that she informed staff members that the Bank had appointed Retired Justice James Ogola as an Ombudsman way back in Sept/Oct 2015.


Caption: Retired Justice James Ogola who is being used by EADB Crook Boss Vivienne Yeda Apopo to intimidate Staff. Such an old clueless and cheap Fossil. 

However when the Ombudsman was appointed, staff members were not informed. Even when we first raised issued in early June, the issue of the Ombudsman and the arbitration tribunal remained silent. During the meeting, Vivienne informed staff members that the Ombudsman had been called to the Bank and whoever wanted could go and talk to him about any issues they had with management. She informed staff that another retired high court Judge from Kenya Justice Nicholas Ombija had joined Justice James Ogola and that staff would meet both Judges at the same time.


Caption : Ombija who was found unfit to continue being a judge because of defects in his temperament. He is being used to intimidate EADB ‘s staff . Such a cheap Moi Stalwart. 

This was against Bank policy. According to the Policy, staff are supposed to reach out to the Ombudsman, in this case Justice James Ogola alone without a third party. The discussions are supposed to be in privacy, however, staff met with the two judges infront of a camera and being recorded. All these were aimed at intimidating staff members not to open up to the Ombudsman. So we interpreted this to be some sort of enquiry planned by Vivienne to manipulate the board and the general public. This was not the approved procedure where staff can reach out to an ombudsman privately to air out their griviencies. The whole world is watching how the board is managing this situation and will be charged accordingly, especially when we see staff members starting to die. Justice James Ogola has been innocently dragged into this situation by Vivienne. The world is also watching to see how this respected retired Judge will take sides in this matter. Vivienne selected the staff members who went to meet the Judges, again this was against policy. Staff members should go to the Ombudsman voluntarily. During the interview between staff and this panel of Judges, it was clear that the objective of the interviews were mainly to try and establish who authored the dossiers and not to dig into the issues raised by staff members. The judges had been briefed by Vivienne and even told what questions to ask staff members in order to favor Vivienne. Staff were intimidated and being pushed to say things against their will especially by Justice Nicholas Ombija. Its very clear Vivienne used this approach to try and avoid the real issues. The Judges were not so bothered about substantiating the allegations of the abuse of office, corruption, looting through the staff payroll, renovations of the office building and residential apartments for the Bank, through selection of consultants, false reporting to the board, etc, but focused mainly on finding the author. The problem is not the author but Vivienne and all she has committed which she MUST account for. The fact that these judges were hired by Vivienne for a fee (like it was the case with KPMG), its obvious that they had to do what she wanted them to do. She will audit their report to what she wants it to read like and again the board will be manipulated. So where is fairness here. But staff are watching all this happening and we shall not give up until justice has been served.Vivienne is using Bank resources to her advantage and because staff members don’t have access to such resources, their voices will not be hard, even by the board members. All we want is an independent commission of enquiry which has not been contracted by Vivienne and which will not be reporting to Vivienne to investigate the allegations and report directly to the board and not Vivienne. We shall not allow this unfair treatment to continue.

Going back to the staff meeting of 27th Sept 2016, Vivienne openly insulted staff members calling them “a bunch of useless diplomats”. This is totally un acceptable. Vivienne further threatened staff during the same meeting that they should stop exposing her otherwise it will end so badly for those staff members she is suspecting to be exposing her dirt to the public. Knowing the kind of person Vivienne is, we understood this to be a death threat and we have taken it seriously. Because we know the kind of person Vivienne is (a perpetual Lier), we recorded her speech during the meeting using our phones, and we have also reported the insults and threats to police, using our recordings as evidence. However we would like this to be resolved by the board and if this happens, we are willing to withdraw the police cases. We are aware that Vivienne a diplomat and cannot be sued, but we have been legally advised on how we can pursue her. We insist that the board should play their part and not leave this whole issue to be managed by Vivienne, moreover on Bank resources. We request the board to use any means to also carry out an audit of the expenditures the Bank has incurred by Vivienne trying to cover up the allegations since June 2016 to date.

Please take time to read the attached documents which include;

  1. A report prepared by African Development Bank and addressed to the Director General highlighting gross abuse of office. This Letter was sent to Vvienne in May 2016.
  2. A report prepared by staff member whistle blowers addressed to the Chairman of the board of the Bank Dr. Kamau Thugge (Principal Secretary to the Treasury Republic of Kenya) and copied to all board members and Governing Council members of the Bank . The Governing Council of the Bank is chaired by Hon. Rotich (Cabinet Secretary to the Treasury, Republic of Kenya). This report was circulated at the beginning of June 2016.
  3. A cover letter sending the staff whistle blower report to the IGG republic of Uganda copied to IGG’s in all the EAC countries calling for a forensic audit in the issues raised by staff members at the Bank. This letter was sent to the IGG Mid July 2016
  4. Another whistle blower report prepared by staff members revealing how the Director General has misappropriated funds at the Bank and why the Board members had done nothing about the situation.
  5. Letter addressed to H.E Uhuru Kinyata through Hon. Raila Odinga
  6. Vivienne accuses Rwanda of fighting her; staff seeks redress from Lenders
  7. Vivienne drags Justice Ogola James and Justice Ombija Nicholas into her corruption scandals; insults and issues threats to staff

All the above documents can be publically accessed from this blog;

For the two judges who have been dragged into Vivienne’s mess, we advise them to consult a fellow Judge, Justice Kakuru Keneth (0701447117) who will give you a live testimony on how he has been treated by Vivienne. The commercial court where hearing of Justice Keneth’s case against the Bank is ongoing will also give testimony of how Vivienne did not only disrespect Justice Kakuru but also the court. If she can be that to a whole Judge, what does the board think she does to staff members and other clients? We still challenge the board to take charge of this situation before it gets out of hand. Otherwise staff cannot continue working under such conditions. Vivienne has recently advertised positions of Head of Operations and Finance and a principal legal officer. We don’t think this will help in any way. She has recruited people in these positions in the past but they all resign after a short time because she makes their life very difficult and frustrates them. Even after all this, don’t expect Vivienne to change, instead she will become worse because she will know that she is so powerful that even the board cannot touch her. So the solution is simple, the board should be bold and ask Vivienne to quit.

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