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Largest Diamond In The world 2023 Ranking

The magnificent Cullinan Diamond arguably the largest diamond in the world ever found.

Largest Diamond In The world

Discovered near Pretoria in modern-day South Africa in 1905, it received its name from the mining company’s chairman, Thomas Cullinan.

In its original uncut state, this diamond weighed 3,106 metric carats and measured 10.1 x 6.35 x 5.9 cm.

Its immense size, remarkable blue-white color, and exceptional clarity made it the most renowned diamond globally.

Preparing the groove for the cleaving knife took four days.

The Asschers of Amsterdam, and surprisingly, the initial blow broke the knife instead of the diamond.

Following this, three men worked tirelessly for eight months, spending 14 hours a day to cut and polish nine significant stones from the original diamond.

They assigned numbers from I to IX to these stones, and people still refer to them using these designations.

Moreover, they also crafted 97 small brilliants and some unpolished fragments.

They later presented the diamond as a gift to King Edward VII of the United Kingdom and transported it to Amsterdam for cutting.

Currently, the diamond consists of nine large stones and ninety-six smaller ones, with two of the largest stones forming a part of the Crown Jewels.

Surprisingly, the Cullinan Diamond is only one of the largest diamonds ever discovered in the world.

Here is a list of five other massive diamonds found in nature.

one of the worlds largest diamond2nd Largest Diamond In The world

This fascinating Excelsior famous diamond is known for being the second largest diamond in Africa.

The diamond was discovered in 1893 at the Jagersfontein Mine in South Africa close to Kimberley.

Today, the blue-white tinted diamond weighs an estimates 995.20 carats.

It remains to be the third largest rough diamond of gem-quality ever to be found.


The Millennium Star diamond, the second-largest colorless diamond in the world with the highest color rating of D.

It was discovered in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1990.

It has an estimated weight of 777 carats and is presently in the possession of the De Beers Group.

This remarkable diamond is value is approximately R2 billion.



A young girl discovered the beautiful Congolese rough diamond in 1989, stumbling upon it as it lay on a pile of rubbish.

She gave the diamond to her uncle, who in turn sold it to a diamond dealer.

The diamond was later transported to Belgium, specifically the city of Antwerp.

Master craftsmen spent years cutting it, transforming it into a stunning yellow-brown diamond that ultimately weighed 407.48 carats.

making it to one of the largest diamond in the world.


While the Cullinan diamond enjoys fame as one of the largest gemstones ever found.

The black carbonado diamond by the name Sergio surpasses it in carat weight.

Miners unearthed this rare and exquisite black diamond in Brazil in 1893, and it boasts a total weight of 3,167 carats.

This makes it known for exceeding the carat weight of the Cullinan diamond.


Largest Diamond In The world

They named the stunning Woyie River diamond after a river near Koidu in Sierra Leone, in 1945.

This rough diamond, boasting a weight of 770 carats, achieved recognition as one of the largest alluvial diamonds ever unearthed.

Remarkably, the Woyie River diamond ranks as the third-largest gemstone ever found in Africa, following the Cullinan and Excelsior diamonds.

Afterward, it underwent cutting and polishing, resulting in the creation of thirty smaller colorless diamonds.


Diamonds offer an endless array of fascinating gemstones.

Nature continually astounds us with these priceless treasures, from the enchanting Cullinan to the breathtakingly beautiful Woyie river diamond, all crafted billions of years ago.

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