‘My Father Never Earned Promotion Despite Years Of Service To KALRO’ – Victims Unearth More Dirt At Troubled State Organization

CAPTION: KALRO Director-General Dr Eliud K. Kireger

All is not well at the Kenya Agricultural Research and Livestock Organization (KALRO).

Over the past few weeks, this blog has extensively highlighted a long list of administrative injustices raised by employees working at the state-funded institute.

  1. Staff Expose Glaring Administrative Injustices At KALRO
  2. Discrimination Of Drivers At KALRO
  3. KALRO Staff Petition Senate Over Crooked Promotions

Most recently, as many local media outlets ignored the situation, we reported how a section of disgruntled KALRO staff petitioned the Senate over crooked promotions at the organization.

In the letter addressed to the Chairperson of the Senate Agricultural Committee hardly a week ago, the workers requested the upper house to urgently find a way to launch an official probe into the allegations and immediately offer guidance on the way forward.

KALRO staff petition Senate over crooked promotions

Exercising their rights through Article 37 of the constitution, they additionally requested that if possible, the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) be brought into the fray.

Six days later, fresh information from insiders within KALRO continues to be forwarded to us.

One after another, the submissions paint a scaringly ugly picture that if not quickly resolved, threatens to bring down the entire institute.

In the latest e-mail anonymously forwarded to our newsdesk on Tuesday morning, an intern at the organization poured out frustrations which he said have been giving him sleepless nights.

Confirming the myriad of malpractices and irregularities earlier confessed by colleagues, the victim whose name (for obvious reasons) we shall keep anonymous expressed strong fears that his father, who has been a long-serving employee since the 90s, might end up retiring without being rightfully rewarded.

Despite advancing his education over the years – from a certificate to a diploma all the way to a degree in 2014 – the single father of one has yet to ever be promoted.

Considering he joined KALRO as a graduate unlike his dad who began in a junior employee role, the victim feels that in the lucky case he gains permanent employment at the state organization, it would be quite unfair if he ends up being ranked higher than his father who as per the records, graduated 5 years earlier.

He further claims that this unfortunate situation has left his old man deeply devastated and on the brink of depression.

The widower no longer talks to friends and avoids phone calls.

“Hi, Nyakundi,

Please hide my identity to allow me to say something about the ongoing debate on staff issues at KALRO.

I am an intern and I am forced to write to you because this debate is giving me sleepless nights.

My dad has been working for the organization since the 90s.

He started as a junior officer but over the years he has advanced in his studies from a certificate to a diploma and finally graduated with a degree in 2014.

Despite all these achievements, my father has never been promoted.

I lost my mother when I was in class six but my father stepped in the role of father and mother which made us very close.

I graduated with a degree in 2017 and in early 2018 my father advised me to apply for an internship at KALRO where I have been an intern since then.

Sometimes last month, KALRO advertised for positions for which I applied before they were cancelled.

Mid this month, KALRO has again advertised the same position.

Here is where my problem started.

According to the KALRO grading system, (1) is the highest while (12) is the lowest.

The entry grade for degree holders is KR 8.

My dad is in KR 10. Yet he graduated in 2014.

Even though we are not in the same centre, I feel that this is very unfair.

In case I am employed how will I be two grades higher than my dad who graduated 5 years earlier than me?

Is this really fair?

This situation has not only given me stress but my dad is also not in good health.

Of late he keeps to himself, whenever I call him his phone goes unanswered.

He only texts saying that he is in a meeting.

His friends are complaining that he no longer calls them.

Could my dad be suffering from stress?

Surely who can help?

As an only child, I think my father is stressed.

Depression is real.

Kindly help. I am worried,” the source writes.

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