OPINION: David Ndii’s comments on costly power shows the economic hitmen, IMF, World Bank and BlackRock are firmly in charge

David Ndii, Chairman of the Presidential Economic Council

David Ndii’s comments today on the high electricity bill have elicited mixed reactions.

“On power bills, we have two choices. Costly power available 24/7, or cheap power available a few hours a day, like SA. If you cared to peruse our manifesto, you would have noted that cheap power does not feature in our pledges on electricity,” David Ndii wrote on twitter early this morning.

Ndii’s sentiments was greeted by a barrage of criticism from Kenyans on Twitter (KOT). Many accused him of being insensitive and a con.

However, David Ndii, a western-trained economist was dog-whistling to his handlers, the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and BlackRock that the government of Kenya has bent and they can screw Kenyans properly.

The US, where these Bretton Woods institutions are based is known for economic sabotage, regime change and upsetting the will of the people.

In short, there’s little humanity about capitalism and this is true from all over the world and even USA itself.

The three institutions are known for pushing for and upholding the private interests of a few corporations.

The ugly truth

The #SwitchOffKPLC movement died a slow but terrible death, most of it was good since Kenya produces a lot of electricity but most go to waste.

In fact, the electricity produced in Kenya can power the whole of East Africa cheaply, but Independent Power Producers stand in the way.

This is why KenGen usually has a hard time when asked to explain why they boast about producing a lot of cheap power yet consumers are paying through the nose.

The short answer; the capitalist and corporation’s drive is purely profit and not humanity.

It sometimes makes one wonder what happens when all humans have been killed in wars, die of hunger, die of poisoned foods and poverty, and the world remains empty.

Silly answer is that, “at the beginning of the year, did you not read about the German molecular biologist that is working on an artificial womb that would replace traditional birth in a few years to come?”

But this is not the point.

The point is, IMF, World Bank and BlackRock are part of the global elites that believe in total subjugation of humans on earth.

So, with time, the humans currently in existence don’t matter a dint to these organisations. Their profits and agenda for a one-world government, do.

Nothing is ugly anymore but get this: It is not easy for a country like Kenya to come out of the current quagmire of debts. In the run up to the 2013 elections, we were warned of unspecified consequences, by Johhny Carson, former US assistant Secretary of State, if we elected International Criminal Court human rights abuses and rape suspects. We did and they were blackmailed or captured, often through wrong figures of economic growth or World Bank’s ranking on ease of doing business or even arm-twisted because ‘we saved you from ICC cases’.

Scandal of lying about economic performance

By the way, World Bank had to put an end to its ease of doing business report after a scandal.

The bank found data irregularities mostly by the bank’s staff who manipulated data in the 2018 and 2020 reports.

“Trust in the research of the World Bank Group is vital. World Bank Group research informs the actions of policymakers, helps countries make better-informed decisions, and allows stakeholders to measure economic and social improvements more accurately. After data irregularities on Doing Business 2018 and 2020 were reported internally in June 2020, World Bank management paused the next Doing Business report and initiated a series of reviews and audits of the report and its methodology. In addition, because the internal reports raised ethical matters, including the conduct of former Board officials as well as current and/or former Bank staff, management reported the allegations to the Bank’s appropriate internal accountability mechanisms,” the statement said in part.

The admission to the data ‘cooking’ scandal was just by accident. It is an exception and not the rule. You get?

There are claims that President William Ruto, a ICC suspect, did not win the 2022 general election fairly. These are the things the US and UK love to hold on to arm-twist presidents to their whims.

JP Morgan’s Dark Past Raises Concerns As US Bank Eyes Kenyan Presence

The goal is, ‘support an unpopular candidate, rig him in, tell the others to accept and move on, then prop him up through the sheer power of US airforce, navy power and economic muscle’.

In the meantime, the US which has been captured by narrow interests will dictate issues in the energy, health, food security, education and agricultural sector.

The govt is then left to issue statements like David Ndii’s knowing that there’s nothing the electorate can do. But if by chance the electorate rise against such a regime, the US will be at hand to weigh whether to leave the officials in the mercy of the mob (think Gadaffi – though not a very great example since he was anti-US, but all the same, the corporations protects its interest against any interference) or prop it up through the dark times (think France -protests are hushed, no media shows it, Egypt – after installing a puppet, etc).

Because, mta do?

This is a hard take on the issue.

JP Morgan Chase

David Ndii’s comments come hot on the heels of another news.

JP Morgan Chase will set up a representative office in Kenya.

The bank is partly owned by the dreaded BlackRock Group.

In the end, William Ruto, the man who ignited the base of the downtrodden, should not come back and say, he wasn’t given time to perform.

He has the people, or does he?

About the author

Karecha Kamaris

Karecha Kamaris is the space between earth and heaven, the gap between ice and fire, the elementary molecule that justifies unending peace in the sea of turmoil. An 'appetite for adventure over the love of ease'.

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