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Ken Obimbo the Bimbo-“Exited” Rafiki Microfinance MD and crook former CFO of Chase Group

Alas, eventually corruption does catch up to filthy criminal thieves and the day of reckoning finally dawned on one Ken Obimbo “The Bimbo” (also known as KO in the graft dens of Chase/SBM Bank and Rafiki Microfinance Bank).

The editor of this site has been relentlessly pursuing the insider lending criminal scum of Chase Group having led the social media rallying cry on link for depositors to remove their money from the imploding Chase Group on 6th April 2016 after thief Chairman Zafrullah Khan and foul vulgar mouth group CEO Duncan Kabui were sacked leading to a mass bank run and an eventual collapse of Chase Bank forcing it to be placed under receivership. Some of the other articles that we published are as below

Chase Bank Holding Company Conspires To Loot Even More From Dumb Shareholders.


Former Scandal-Ridden Chase Bank Chairman Mohammed Zafrullah Khan Still Rafiki Microfinance Chairman


Moreover from last year, this site zeroed in on specific crooks of Chase Group ie vulgar mouth sacked former Chase Group CEO Duncan Kabui, sex pest predator former Chase Group General Manager and Director of Regulatory and External Affairs Parmain ole Narikae who recently lost a sexual harassment case and illegal sacking court case while as CEO of Kenya Industrial Estates government parastatal exposed by us on link and the link to the court case is on the judiciary’s website on,former sacked Chase Group HR Director Hellen Akello, former sacked Assistant General Manager of Risk Michael Kimeu and of course the culprit Ken Obimbo “The Bimbo” on links below


Other social media sites had also exposed the Bimbo on link

To summarize and restate the dossier we have on Obimbo; “The Bimbo” served as the CEO/MD of the dubious Rafiki Microfinance once a subsidiary of the equally decadent Chase Bank.


Even more distressing is that Ken Obimbo once served as the Group Chief Financial Officer/Finance Director of Chase Group (custodian of the financial accounts of the group that were found to be fraudulent) thus was in the heart of all the malfeasance of the criminal insider lending and fraudulent financial reporting scheme that was Chase Bank yet he was allowed to continue as MD of Rafiki Microfinance for 5 years after Chase Bank collapse.

More alarming is that Obimbo the Bimbo was sacked from Coca-Cola then went to serve as MD of Kenya Bus Service that was run down by graft before joining Chase.

The three criminal musketeers ie Zafrullah Khan, vulgar mouth Kabui, Obimbo the Bimbo amongst other Chase/Rafiki group thieves that also includes current Rafiki Microfinance Chairman Daniel Mavindu have been embroiled in legal suits and other nefarious activities even after Chase collapsed. These goons were sued by Chase Bank in receivership, Kenya Deposit Insurance Corporation and LSK as shown on the judiciary’s website on


Moreover, these 4 goons plus their minions/underlings have been adversely mentioned in a scam to open a bank in Somalia in the Nation Newspaper article also picked up by us on


The Bimbo has a particularly harsh personality just like foul vulgar mouth former Chase Group CEO Duncan Kabui with a habit of loudly scolding employees while banging his desk and usually sacked staff for imaginary offences.

The link published by us on 7th April 2021 to commemorate the exact five year anniversary of the Chase Bank collapse on 7th April 2016 was the final undoing of “The Bimbo”.

It boggles the mind why the former Chief Finance Officer of Chase Group wasn’t ousted in 2016 together with Zafrullah Khan and Duncan Kabui but now fate has caught up with him. Why did Kenya Deposit Insurance Corporation and CBK allow him to continue in banking for a further 5 years after the Chase Bank implosion?? As overseer of the financial records of Chase Group that were eventually exposed as insider lending fraudulent, scum, rubbish, the Bimbo should have been sacked in 2016.

Depositors and creditors of Rafiki Microfinance should be worried and pull out of this filthy microfinance bank since it has recorded a string of high profile exits as highlighted on the Business Daily link high-level exits usually signal problems in an organization so beware and don’t be caught short as dumb depositors were when Chase Bank unravelled in April 2016.

Surprisingly, as highlighted in the Business Daily Article above, Rafiki Chief Financial Officer  Paul Karanja Macharia who was previously Finance Manager at Chase Bank before joining Rafiki in 2016 is to be acting CEO in the meantime as the Microfinance seeks to recruit a new CEO.So this guy was Finance Manager of Chase Bank in 2016 when the bank cooked its financial records to hide its insider lending theft and collapsed the same year??? Isn’t this another Bimbo recycled look alike? Why can’t Macharia explain how the fraudulent insider lending accounting of Chase was compiled while he was Chase Bank’s Finance Manager in 2016????? Stakeholders at Rafiki Microfinance should be extremely worried about the Chase Bank goons being recycled at Rafiki Microfinance and bail out immediately.

It is finally divine justice that The Bimbo is gone and serves as a lesson that corruption and theft has its day of justice and is vigilant to the ills of such crooks and wont hesitate to expose them.



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